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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Reverse Harem Fun

 Good afternoon, this blog post is going to be a bit more fun, and irreverent. 

Specifically, I want to talk about smut books that are reverse harems and why we love them.

While talking in a zoom meeting to a fellow knitter who brought up all the books we read last year the topic of reverse harem smut books came up.

Let's start with some definitions:

Smut: pornographic literature and pictures.

Reverse Harem: this means that the main character is a woman who ends up having a group of men as her lovers at the same time, no fighting (usually) amongst the men.

When I first read books that were reverse harem, I fell in love with how the authors framed the relationships that they all have with each other. The men, by and large, focus mainly on the woman and in pleasing and loving her. It is definitely a complicated dance but from the perspective of a woman (me) who by an large lives in a fairly patriarchal society in which relationships are one man and one woman and the men so often pressured from a young age to be cut off from emotional relationships. 

Yes, there is a lot of creative sex... a lot of it. It is smut. But as my conversation with my friend showed, we also mainly read it because as much as we love our significant others, life is crazy and we are so often lonely. Who doesn't want to be the center of attention of a group of men whose goal is for you to be loved and sexually satisfied? It is fantasy, so enjoy it!

So we do. 

Some authors I enjoyed would be:

Laurel Chase

J.L. Madore

Stasis Black

What I would like to see is less 20 year olds and more adult women finding a group of men who want her. Just saying... 😋🤷‍♀️

Be Well!



Monday, January 4, 2021

Thoughts From Trolling (childhood abuse trigger warning)

Let me preface with a few facts.

1) I support Biden, scientists, doctors and nurses.

2) I despise Trump and his lies.

3) When I say I was trolling, I merely mean that I was harrassing a trump supporter on facebook about their lies.

Today, some fool woman commented on the county post about Covid 19 that it was a lie and businesses should open up. 

I started shit by replying that businesses absolutely need monetary help in this time of craziness but that Covid 19 was very serious and should be taken so. 

Bam, I set her off. As I knew I would. We went back and forth, I admit I checked her page and wasn't surprised to see she was a Trump fan and poked her with that little fact. The most damning thing I called her was a fool for not listening to the scientists, doctors and nurses. But she was not having it, no surprise.

As a survivor of physical abuse as a child/teenager, one of the things I notice is that I rarely instigate or push people into a fight. Even if I do it from the safety of my cell phone, I notice certain symptoms in my body rise up. A panic and anxiety, as if they will hit me out of nowhere or come and get me because I keep poking at them. 

My stomach felt nauseous. Not because I felt I was wrong, but because a part of me was scared.

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret poking this lady. It was therapeutic, in a way, for having to ride the bus with people from a rural area where they don't want to cover their noses with their damn masks, if they wear one at all.

She left off the "fight" and I was left both satisfied and sickened. Both at the same time. Right now, this country has such a deep divide between people who are blindly following Trump and people who are trying to use reason and listen to scientists, doctors and nurses on the front lines. I truly do not understand how someone can follow a person so blindly when it is so easy to prove they lie (Trump). I don't understand it at all. 

I also wish that my reactions to a verbal sparing were not so physical. I'm no longer a child a I will defend myself, my kids and my family in general from others. But that fear that someone will lash out at me still quakes inside. That no matter where I am, I'm not safe. 

These are remnants of my childhood. 

Monday, December 14, 2020

Grateful Mistake

 I spent the weekend in tears

Panicked and ashamed.

This wasn't just a regular screw up,

I hurt people who had helped me.

Going through the year in a gray fog

That filled my head as I did as little as possible.

But it ended up hurting them

And causing me shame.

So I cried in bed and almost threw up

Unable to shake the feeling of shame as it seeped in.

Shame that wrote itself on my soul

Became a key to let me see how little I was doing.

It became a key to open my sight

To how I was giving up on my life.

This grateful mistake is scary

But we're fixing it now.

I've upset someone

That I have never seen or met.

But I will make amends

And I will fix this mistake.

But you will never know

How grateful I am for this mistake right now.

For the gray to have been ripped

Straight from my eyes so that I could finally see.

This is a lesson for me that is hard

And I will always be grateful for their kindness.

It is not okay

But I'll never make this grateful mistake again.

Goodbye gray clouds

Hello hope and new thoughts that are more clear.

Goodbye depression and fear

Hello to a reminder to my purpose to cause no pain.