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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dye, WIPs, Knitting, Crocheting... Madness!

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There has been a great deal of stress in my house, the past few weeks. My poor husband is still in a great deal of back and leg pain. Feeling helpless is not one of my strong suits. I am a fixer, and if I cannot fix it, I am not happy. I'm also a Libra so my life needs a certain amount of balance.

  To find that balance, I went out and joined a Unitarian Universalist Church that I absolutely adore, the people are so great. That has opened up all sorts of new opportunities for making friends and social activities, but I am also an introvert and since I'm vendoring at an event this Sunday (and next Saturday..), so I decided to cancel everything on Saturday.

  Besides, I need to steam the wrinkles winter caused in all my packed shawls over the winter. And perhaps dye some yarn, because I went there...

  The first goal is to make two skeins in a nice cotton candy pink. Once they are set and dried, my daughter will be poking speckles into it with blue and purple. 

  My second goal is to get the knitting machine out and begin to make sock blanks for gradient dyeing (so excited!!). 

  Needless to say, big plans in dyeing (haha).

  I finished the Mayapple Shawl by Dee O'Keefe, and I am in love with it. Just beautiful! The yarn was from knitpicks.com in stroll tonal colorway seashell.

  I know, hard to see, but A Latte Can Happen by Erica Jackofsky is coming along beautifully in knitpicks.com stroll tonal color inverness. This has been the main project I have focused on, because I committed to finishing it by the end of next month for an assignment, but I may actually make it (shocker). 
    Others have had trouble with this shawl, but I am right on target in terms of gauge and how much yarn I'm using. So wish me luck!

 Coming this fall to my vendor table are a few pairs of Woodland Winter Mittens from knitpicks.com in a variety of palette yarns (fingering weight). I have wanted to do this for a while. From past experience, no, my daughters are not wearing them to school haha (they tend to lose them).

  Jumping on the Find Your Fade (by Andrea Mowry) bandwagon (after Joji's Mystery Shawl is done, stay tuned for an update on that next week) with some Hawthorne yarn from knitpicks.com (did I tell you that I received a bonus from work? lol). 
  Holy parenthesis.

Finally, I've been working on this cotton/acrylic shawl called Southern Diamonds Wrap by Kathy Lashley in knitpicks.com comfy sport in ivory, black and peony. So nice to have a crocheting project, very comfy to come back to!

Is it that I suffer from this? Or is it a blessing, who knows. Either way, lots of fun to come. Stay tuned and perhaps I will manage a giveaway. 

Be Well!