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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Big Day

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The reason for this late blog post? Stress.... My interview is today for a job that I have wanted for 3 years (if not more). Today.. At 4pm. So here comes anxiety girl:

And yes, I may even give myself a migraine today.

But there are things that we can do for ourselves when the storm seems to want to sweep our feet out from under us.

1) Breathe. Breath is life and without it you can panic more.

2) Surrender to the feeling by relaxing into it. I know this sounds odd, but the tighter your body is the more you feed the stress. Instead relax your arms, your torso, your neck, your legs. Get to know the muscle groupings and when you relax you let yourself surrender into whatever you are feeling and the storm passes more quickly.

3) Let go of illusion of control. The only control I have over my interview today is to get there on time and what I will say/how I will present myself at the interview. I have no control over how others see me or what their decisions will be, and that really is okay. Take responsibility for what is in your ballpark, not everything else, that is too heavy a burden.

As stressed as I am, I have been knitting before work in my car and after work at home to ground myself with my mindfulness practice. Knitting requires a concentration level that helps me interrupt worrying thoughts.

Through my etsy shop, I received a special custom order. The customer wanted to buy her own yarn (to get the colors she wanted) and have me knit up Steven West's Vertices Unite (size large) in Madelinetosh and Primrose Yarn Co yarn. Thus far, I have almost finished the first section, which seems to be the largest (holy garter!).

 But at least I can read my Kindle and knit at the same time when I am doing garter stitch (not always advised).

This is the only item I'm focused on right now, because it is a custom order. Everything else will wait.

But I did finish the Frilly dress!

And I have plans, this summer, to work on a cross stitch chart from Heavenandearthdesigns.com (seriously need to check them out, some beautiful pieces of art there).

This is just a screenshot from my cell phone. The original can be found HERE. The picture reminds me of my daughters cuddling with me, I love getting to do that. The little girl has brown hair like my daughters both do so it is going to be a beautiful piece of art to hang on the walls of my house for years to come (once I can afford to get it framed haha).

Wish me luck today, I just need to get through the day. This may be the interview I have been the most prepared for in my entire life!!

Have a wonderful week!

Be Well!