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Monday, April 17, 2017

Smoothies, Knitting and Webs Tent Sale Anticipation!

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Mental Health-wise:
To be honest, I haven't quite recovered from having to rearrange my life goals to fit what is now realistic so that I can support my family. A big adjustment that is taking time, it can be hard to drop dreams that you thought were reasonable.

  In other worlds, I tried to make a banana strawberry smoothie this past Tuesday! :) Pinterest has all these ideas for smoothies and one suggested that you could just screw on a mason jar to your blender. This is completely true, by the way but there are two problems.

1) I cut up the strawberries and bananas and left them in the jar to freeze (in the jar...). So when it came time to blend it I added some milk, screwed it on the blender.. and nada.. The frozen food would not budge. So I had to let it thaw a little (and in my anger walking away was best at that time haha).

2) Came back and everything was moving okay, so I blended it. Oh it looked soo good! And then I tried to unscrew it... But the glass and the plastic did not let me unscrew it.. So I left for knitting night, very peeved. It did unscrew when I got back from knitting night.

  The weekend started fun, I made fantastic progress on the Vertices Unite shawl by Steven West. About 18 rows left in section 5 and then just section 6 to go, which is not very large. Honestly, the person who asked me to make this for them has been a joy to work with, and so has this shawl. The instructions are exactly correct. The picture is just after I had started section 4.

  Planning on taking this Friday off and trying to get away and relax a little. Sit down and plan everything again. Goals are important, and even if it is as simple as learning to read tarot professionally, and finish a novel or 2-4 :), something to focus on is very important.

In the meantime, anyone else planning on heading to the Webs Tent Sale next month?! May 20-21 and my knitting group is heading out on the 21st! (Super excited.. need to plan what I want to buy as soon as the sales come out!).

Be Well!