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Monday, March 20, 2017

Work Day-dreams, Diet Bye-Bye and Getting my Geek On!

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No funny pictures of my weather comments today, saving those for when it finally starts to look like it's crawling into the 50's.

Do you ever sit at work and think of hilarious ways to get fired?

1) Pressing mute on lines through the internet controls of conference calls..
2) Shouting at people who cut their fingernails at work.
3) Refusing to answer the phone (well maybe this isn't hilarious lol).
4) Sitting back and knitting at my desk (yup, this would be a no-no).
5) Blasting Pearl Jam from my cell phone..
6) Talking all day on the phone so I couldn't answer the phone? :P

I know, I know, there is no way that I am doing any of these things, but a lady can dream right?

What do you daydream about while at work? Do you daydream about being home, feet up, Blacklist playing on the tv through Netflix, knitting in hand, kitty cuddled up against one leg?... Oh wait, that's me. :)

Today being the first day of Spring, I am hereby announcing to myself that I am putting my "diet" on hold until it's warmer and I can go for walks at home.. Until then, I'm giving myself  a break, but assigning more meditation.

SACREBLEU! (happiness)
I just adore (J'dore!!), no idea where this is coming from lol, double knitting and this Geek-A-Long (GAL) is just going to be so much fun!

Groot was a ball and I am very pleased with how it came out.
The square was knit in Knitpicks.com worsted weight yarn called
 swish and the colors are merlot heather and dove heather.

Laurelie by Lisa Hannes is coming along swimmingly. I only have a few rows to go so it is pretty much torturing me today. All I need is another 45 minutes and it will be absolutely done!! Well.. besides the soaking and blocking....

Which reminds me, I will be blocking right after Laurelie a shawl that I have finished except for some finished touches called the Mayapple Shawl by Dee O'Keefe. So two shawls to be added to the pile to sell this summer!

Other projects I would like to get going are:
1) Honey Pie Dress by Lisa Chemery for my youngest.
2) Lace Petals Vintage Cardigan by Laura Sapergia for my oldest. I really need to make my oldest something lol. She grew out of her last sweater.

Wish me luck!!!

Be Well!