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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow Craziness and "Wrong Knitting"

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Storm finally ended in the early hours of yesterday morning, up here in almost central New York State. So much snow I was afraid to let my 5 year old out to play in it.. Well, that and she would have stayed home sick on Tuesday anyway.

This picture was taken about 11am Tuesday. My second attempt at shoveling was already being filled in and to be honest, we were still to get a great deal of snow. I still need to dig out my garbage cans, the most important shoveling goal the past two days was to get my car shoveled out.

  From now on, I vow to always park at the entrance of my driveway instead of next to the backyard. Because holy cow, seriously.
  I pulled my back out yesterday so after the car got out, I banished myself to my recliner and rested my back. Slept okay in my comfy bed last night and my back is better, but sore. Well, my whole body is sore haha.


My Laurelie Shawl by Lisa Hannes in Knitpicks.com stroll tonal (now on sale, by the way. I really wish I had extra money :( ) is really coming along. Usually, I'm really good at reading charts, and I did pretty good in general on the mosaic section. But my mosaic section is not as charted, for on the wrong side I was supposed to knit everything except the slipped stitches. This creates purls on the right side, so I have absolutely no purls on the right side of my mosaic section haha.

I can live with that, I love it either way and am not going to be doing anything to change it. Think about it, just because you do not end up doing exactly what the pattern says, does not mean it is wrong, just different.

In fact, Knit Picks recently shared a picture that said something like "The pattern is always right." over and over again. But I disagree, sometimes the pattern is wrong, and sometimes doing something different doesn't make what you are doing wrong, just different!

This, eventually, will be a square of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, because I decided to do a Geek-A-Long (GAL from here on out) blanket, and a nice big one at that. Using knitpicks.com swish worsted in dove heather and merlot heather. So soft and squishy!!!!

To be honest, today was a cranky day. Not enough knitting and too much carbs. But lots of water! :)

See you soon, everyone. And stay warm!!!

Be Well