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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Handmade Project Reality TV Show (Amy Poehler)

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News Alert!

Reality TV Show Alert!

I may actually watch this one..

I actually wanted to apply... And this is what happened.

The website is HERE to apply to be on the show. I really wanted too at first. I love knitting and crocheting. I'm super silly. This could be fun!

So I went to the website above and started to fill out the very long questionnaire. At first, it was pretty simple: Name, address, phone number.. Then I wrote an autobiographical statement.. which included me mentioning my bungee cord of sanity (oh it gets better) and how I learned to crochet and knit (my mom and later youtube).

Then I had to describe how I create a piece of work (knitting/crocheting). And I got a bit silly.

"Then you decide if you need something that complicated in your life or if you need something easier (the answer for me is always, complicated is better)."

What don't you like to make?

"Socks are out because feet are disgusting.. though oddly I don't mind knitting slippers."

Yeah, I was just having fun with it at this point and letting it all flow out. Why not, right? I mean Amy Poehler is producer so the worst that would happen was that I would make someone laugh, right?

What is an odd fact about you or an unusual talent you possess?

"I make up words to popular songs when I'm bored and sing them as I'm walking around. Happens all the time." This is completely true. Makes my kids and co-workers laugh all the time.

Down, down I go. And I get down past the questions, where I have to upload pictures. Okay.. Great *sigh*. I don't know why it "surprised" me haha.

Get almost the bottom? Upload a 3 minute video.

I have no idea why this made me balk. I mean, this is an application to be on a reality tv show HAHA. Instead, I don't want to do a video. What is really funny is that I have a youtube channel with 3-4 videos of me talking about knitting ROFL.

So I realized that if I didn't want to do a video of me, I sure as all get out did not want to see myself on TV. So instead, I'm sharing the opportunity with you, having a good laugh, and really looking forward to it being on tv. Though how someone who knits is going to compete, I don't know, simply because of the time constraint, ya know?

Be Well,