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Monday, March 13, 2017

Fits and Starts

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  I meant to start writing earlier but I got so cranky and crabby that I had to take a few hours to chill out.
  What got me so cranky and crabby? Well, besides it being Monday you ask? It was mainly that some days I feel more depressed and out of sorts than others. For most of my life, I've been heading in one direction, though through fits and starts (funny turn of phrase that).
  I started college knowing I wanted to be a teacher, when I finished my bachelors degree, I realized that it would be really hard to get a job to teach high school social studies, so I continued my education to be a mental health therapist, and graduated with a master's degree and a lot of debt. And no job. After over 6 months, I still had no job and we had run out of money for heating oil. So I'm back to work as a secretary and have been for the past 2 years.
   Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the job, I just feel lost now. I always had a direction I was heading and now I feel stalled. Where am I going now? I'm doing good supporting my family, but what about my career? Will I be a secretary my whole life?
  I have considered doing professional technical editing, but besides the occasional odd job, I am stretched too thin to do it as a profession. I love knitting shawls and selling them on my etsy site, as well as the local fairs, but I don't make a great deal of money (though what little I make helps).
  What do I want? Let's write a list of goals, that is always healthy right?
1) Fictional Writer (fantasy mainly)
2) Counseling in some field (will I need a Ph.D to do it?)
3) Knitting teacher (this would be fun)
4) Positive Life Coach (focusing on reframing and goal making/keeping)... I like this one.
5) Reiki Master
6) Tarot card reader at fairs (haha, seriously I would do this)
7) Knitting designer.
What do you think? :)
My next post will be more about knitting. This is just a blip... I like my list of goals. I think I need to seriously think about these..
Be Well!