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Monday, March 6, 2017

Cranky Knitting 101

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My only excuse, is that it was that time of the month. It was weekend, I was away from work, able to relax at home. My daughters were being pretty well-behaved. So why was I cranky all weekend? Well come on, can't we all always find a reason to be cranky? The hard part (especially during that time of the month) is to find a reason to NOT be cranky.

Major finished object:
Besides my awesome kids, my knitting reason to try and not be cranky was that yesterday I woke up and knew I had 10 rows to go before my Yarn Quest 2017 mkal scarf by Tania Richter was done, and it was done by noon!! :) The Grand Blanket Quest MKAL started on March third, but I will not be participating any time soon in that one. Yarn for this scarf was knitpicks.com stroll sock yarn in solid merlot heather and a tweed Down Heather (tip, do not do double knitting with tweed).

Along with finishing this, I had ben inspired to make some dice bags in the pattern of a dragon egg.

Works in Progress (WIPs):
My single crochet torture of a shrug is coming along. I believe that when I finish this next ball of yarn (the fourth) I will have my 40 inches, if not, I have another ball of yarn to go. The yarn is Lion Brand Heartland in the color Everglades. The pattern is the Canyon Shrug and is free from the Lion Brand Website.

What is with the poncho's?
Apparently, this month I want to make poncho's. The kind of poncho in which you knit two of the same panel and then seam them together. Go figure!

First up is the Plaidaptation pattern by Aunt Ninny. I bought the kit on craftsy the other week because it was on such a great sale and wanted to try some plaid knitting. The yarn is an acrylic yarn from craftsy.com called sprightly and I will say, it's pretty nice!

The second poncho is called Sarucha by Christa Hartmann. I am knitting it in Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn, Vanilla Bean color. This was stash yarn that I bought and I'm not sure why other then I love it. And I have to say, it is super soft. I highly recommend it, but I'm not sure how well it will work with the cables in this pattern. But I'm pretty determined.

In other news:
Water weight is keeping my weight loss at just .25 pounds, so we will see what happens next week and keep at it.

Went to the Golden Fleece Guild meeting yesterday and was shown how to use my drop spindle, which was a ton of fun. Knitting night is tomorrow night so I'm looking forward to socializing, though hopefully I'm less cranky.

As to the point of the title? What do I mean by Cranky Knitting 101? The point is to keep going. Keep knitting, keep your mouth closed sometimes if you don't have anything nice to say haha. Pick your battles and just keep on knitting. Maybe start a new project, maybe go dig and see what you can finish or maybe even frog (ribbit, rippit :P).

But all moods pass, it's not a matter of fighting them, but surrendering and letting it pass. Being kind to yourself and giving yourself space inside to feel how you need to feel. And maybe watch Dr. Strange, because honestly, that was a fantastic movie. :P

Be Well!