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Monday, March 13, 2017

A Storm Is A-Coming!!!

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Well, I tried to add "balls of yarn" after each of these big numbers. The above is the expected snow in inches that my area will get, I'm in the 12-18" area. So no work or school tomorrow, eh? :)

  But that leaves time to sit and knit, while I rest my back from shoveling outside.

  Ever since I finished my double knitted scarf, I have had a case of lose ends. But do I turn to projects in progress? Eh, a little. But generally I tend to look around at projects I can start haha. A new passion!!

  I did finish my Canyon Shrug, and am wearing it today.

Some more boring knitting has been the Plaidaptation poncho by Aunt Ninny, the kit is from craftsy.

One type of knitting that I have never tried, was mosaic knitting, so I had started the Laurelie shawl by Lisa Hannes back on the 5th and have made decent progress, though I have to say that the garter stitch top of this shawl was a little overcomplicated in my mind. The mosaic stitching has been a dream, I really do love it and look forward to finding more patterns with it and possibly designing some in the future.

During the snow storm tomorrow, I plan on working on the mosaic shawl, because it is awesome, and also to crochet a sheep. This Sheep by Kristi Tullus will be awesome :).

I did post a blog this morning about life goals, fits and starts and how frustrated I was. So if you are interested, check it out here.

Knit on, crochet on and life a fiber-full life.

Be Well,