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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Handmade Project Reality TV Show (Amy Poehler)

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News Alert!

Reality TV Show Alert!

I may actually watch this one..

I actually wanted to apply... And this is what happened.

The website is HERE to apply to be on the show. I really wanted too at first. I love knitting and crocheting. I'm super silly. This could be fun!

So I went to the website above and started to fill out the very long questionnaire. At first, it was pretty simple: Name, address, phone number.. Then I wrote an autobiographical statement.. which included me mentioning my bungee cord of sanity (oh it gets better) and how I learned to crochet and knit (my mom and later youtube).

Then I had to describe how I create a piece of work (knitting/crocheting). And I got a bit silly.

"Then you decide if you need something that complicated in your life or if you need something easier (the answer for me is always, complicated is better)."

What don't you like to make?

"Socks are out because feet are disgusting.. though oddly I don't mind knitting slippers."

Yeah, I was just having fun with it at this point and letting it all flow out. Why not, right? I mean Amy Poehler is producer so the worst that would happen was that I would make someone laugh, right?

What is an odd fact about you or an unusual talent you possess?

"I make up words to popular songs when I'm bored and sing them as I'm walking around. Happens all the time." This is completely true. Makes my kids and co-workers laugh all the time.

Down, down I go. And I get down past the questions, where I have to upload pictures. Okay.. Great *sigh*. I don't know why it "surprised" me haha.

Get almost the bottom? Upload a 3 minute video.

I have no idea why this made me balk. I mean, this is an application to be on a reality tv show HAHA. Instead, I don't want to do a video. What is really funny is that I have a youtube channel with 3-4 videos of me talking about knitting ROFL.

So I realized that if I didn't want to do a video of me, I sure as all get out did not want to see myself on TV. So instead, I'm sharing the opportunity with you, having a good laugh, and really looking forward to it being on tv. Though how someone who knits is going to compete, I don't know, simply because of the time constraint, ya know?

Be Well,

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Interviews, Moana, Sweaters and Rollercoasters (Phew!)

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Sometimes, I feel a little meme crazy. Also, I have the song "How Far I'll Go" from Moana stuck in my head as my youngest daughter wants to watch it every day. Could be worse, it's a good song.  :P And here it is, just in case you hadn't heard it.

  About 3 years ago, this May, I graduated with a Master's Degree in Counseling and Community College. While I studied this topic, my goal was to be a therapist and the work, internship and practicum just felt like where I needed/wanted to be. But when I graduated, I couldn't find a full time job to be licensed as a mental health counselor so as my heating oil disappeared that winter, and we were heating the house with space heaters (not suggested), I went back to work for the state (so grateful to them for hiring me as a support staff/secretary).
  Now, I have been applying to various counseling type jobs and my county had a position open that I applied to and they called me today for an interview.
All I can think about is how this is what I've been working for, what am I going to wear, what should I tell them about the mental health book I'm researching to write about reframing our life stories to battle depression and anxiety.. Will I get the job? I interned in this place, but they weren't hiring.. Did I leave a good impression?
We all have times like these when we stress.
1) First thing to do, is feel the initial rush and let it fly through us, an hour may pass and it should start to recede a little.
2) Then write a list of things you need to do and start taking care of those (suit cleaned (or purchased), references contacted to let them know, review the job description and write up possible questions and comments).
3) Do something to relax. I'm going to knit (surprised?)
4) Breath. Meditate if at all possible and keep relaxing your muscles. Don't hold onto the stress but smile a little and kindly let yourself relax.
Be compassionate towards yourself!!!

  In other worlds, I was feeling soo guilty over the thought that I had not knit my oldest daughter a sweater.. And then I realized that I had made her two! Silly me.
   The first was the Sophie cardigan by Sue Whiting (crocheted) in Simply Soft Eco (too stiff). Pretty sure my Lizzie is 3 years old here (sniffle).

 Then I made the Leksak sweater by Yarn-Madness (no picture.. sorry) and now I am making her the Lace Petals Vintage Cardigan by Laura Sapergia in knitpicks.com swish worsted.

 For my arts and craft sales this summer I started the scarf/shawl you see in the meme above. It is called Anemie by Theresia Lew (FREE pattern, folks), and I am knitting it in knitpicks.com stroll tonal, color Eucalyptus. I cannot wait to block it!

 I still want to start another double knitted square for my Geek-A-Long Blanket.. Hmm. Otherwise, that is about it, folks.

  Life is a rollercoaster, sometimes. The dips and highs can be pretty close, or farther apart. Wish me luck next week and until then, knit on and keep breathing! Be kind to yourself!

Be Well!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Work Day-dreams, Diet Bye-Bye and Getting my Geek On!

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No funny pictures of my weather comments today, saving those for when it finally starts to look like it's crawling into the 50's.

Do you ever sit at work and think of hilarious ways to get fired?

1) Pressing mute on lines through the internet controls of conference calls..
2) Shouting at people who cut their fingernails at work.
3) Refusing to answer the phone (well maybe this isn't hilarious lol).
4) Sitting back and knitting at my desk (yup, this would be a no-no).
5) Blasting Pearl Jam from my cell phone..
6) Talking all day on the phone so I couldn't answer the phone? :P

I know, I know, there is no way that I am doing any of these things, but a lady can dream right?

What do you daydream about while at work? Do you daydream about being home, feet up, Blacklist playing on the tv through Netflix, knitting in hand, kitty cuddled up against one leg?... Oh wait, that's me. :)

Today being the first day of Spring, I am hereby announcing to myself that I am putting my "diet" on hold until it's warmer and I can go for walks at home.. Until then, I'm giving myself  a break, but assigning more meditation.

SACREBLEU! (happiness)
I just adore (J'dore!!), no idea where this is coming from lol, double knitting and this Geek-A-Long (GAL) is just going to be so much fun!

Groot was a ball and I am very pleased with how it came out.
The square was knit in Knitpicks.com worsted weight yarn called
 swish and the colors are merlot heather and dove heather.

Laurelie by Lisa Hannes is coming along swimmingly. I only have a few rows to go so it is pretty much torturing me today. All I need is another 45 minutes and it will be absolutely done!! Well.. besides the soaking and blocking....

Which reminds me, I will be blocking right after Laurelie a shawl that I have finished except for some finished touches called the Mayapple Shawl by Dee O'Keefe. So two shawls to be added to the pile to sell this summer!

Other projects I would like to get going are:
1) Honey Pie Dress by Lisa Chemery for my youngest.
2) Lace Petals Vintage Cardigan by Laura Sapergia for my oldest. I really need to make my oldest something lol. She grew out of her last sweater.

Wish me luck!!!

Be Well!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow Craziness and "Wrong Knitting"

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Storm finally ended in the early hours of yesterday morning, up here in almost central New York State. So much snow I was afraid to let my 5 year old out to play in it.. Well, that and she would have stayed home sick on Tuesday anyway.

This picture was taken about 11am Tuesday. My second attempt at shoveling was already being filled in and to be honest, we were still to get a great deal of snow. I still need to dig out my garbage cans, the most important shoveling goal the past two days was to get my car shoveled out.

  From now on, I vow to always park at the entrance of my driveway instead of next to the backyard. Because holy cow, seriously.
  I pulled my back out yesterday so after the car got out, I banished myself to my recliner and rested my back. Slept okay in my comfy bed last night and my back is better, but sore. Well, my whole body is sore haha.


My Laurelie Shawl by Lisa Hannes in Knitpicks.com stroll tonal (now on sale, by the way. I really wish I had extra money :( ) is really coming along. Usually, I'm really good at reading charts, and I did pretty good in general on the mosaic section. But my mosaic section is not as charted, for on the wrong side I was supposed to knit everything except the slipped stitches. This creates purls on the right side, so I have absolutely no purls on the right side of my mosaic section haha.

I can live with that, I love it either way and am not going to be doing anything to change it. Think about it, just because you do not end up doing exactly what the pattern says, does not mean it is wrong, just different.

In fact, Knit Picks recently shared a picture that said something like "The pattern is always right." over and over again. But I disagree, sometimes the pattern is wrong, and sometimes doing something different doesn't make what you are doing wrong, just different!

This, eventually, will be a square of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, because I decided to do a Geek-A-Long (GAL from here on out) blanket, and a nice big one at that. Using knitpicks.com swish worsted in dove heather and merlot heather. So soft and squishy!!!!

To be honest, today was a cranky day. Not enough knitting and too much carbs. But lots of water! :)

See you soon, everyone. And stay warm!!!

Be Well

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Storm Is A-Coming!!!

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Well, I tried to add "balls of yarn" after each of these big numbers. The above is the expected snow in inches that my area will get, I'm in the 12-18" area. So no work or school tomorrow, eh? :)

  But that leaves time to sit and knit, while I rest my back from shoveling outside.

  Ever since I finished my double knitted scarf, I have had a case of lose ends. But do I turn to projects in progress? Eh, a little. But generally I tend to look around at projects I can start haha. A new passion!!

  I did finish my Canyon Shrug, and am wearing it today.

Some more boring knitting has been the Plaidaptation poncho by Aunt Ninny, the kit is from craftsy.

One type of knitting that I have never tried, was mosaic knitting, so I had started the Laurelie shawl by Lisa Hannes back on the 5th and have made decent progress, though I have to say that the garter stitch top of this shawl was a little overcomplicated in my mind. The mosaic stitching has been a dream, I really do love it and look forward to finding more patterns with it and possibly designing some in the future.

During the snow storm tomorrow, I plan on working on the mosaic shawl, because it is awesome, and also to crochet a sheep. This Sheep by Kristi Tullus will be awesome :).

I did post a blog this morning about life goals, fits and starts and how frustrated I was. So if you are interested, check it out here.

Knit on, crochet on and life a fiber-full life.

Be Well,

Fits and Starts

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  I meant to start writing earlier but I got so cranky and crabby that I had to take a few hours to chill out.
  What got me so cranky and crabby? Well, besides it being Monday you ask? It was mainly that some days I feel more depressed and out of sorts than others. For most of my life, I've been heading in one direction, though through fits and starts (funny turn of phrase that).
  I started college knowing I wanted to be a teacher, when I finished my bachelors degree, I realized that it would be really hard to get a job to teach high school social studies, so I continued my education to be a mental health therapist, and graduated with a master's degree and a lot of debt. And no job. After over 6 months, I still had no job and we had run out of money for heating oil. So I'm back to work as a secretary and have been for the past 2 years.
   Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the job, I just feel lost now. I always had a direction I was heading and now I feel stalled. Where am I going now? I'm doing good supporting my family, but what about my career? Will I be a secretary my whole life?
  I have considered doing professional technical editing, but besides the occasional odd job, I am stretched too thin to do it as a profession. I love knitting shawls and selling them on my etsy site, as well as the local fairs, but I don't make a great deal of money (though what little I make helps).
  What do I want? Let's write a list of goals, that is always healthy right?
1) Fictional Writer (fantasy mainly)
2) Counseling in some field (will I need a Ph.D to do it?)
3) Knitting teacher (this would be fun)
4) Positive Life Coach (focusing on reframing and goal making/keeping)... I like this one.
5) Reiki Master
6) Tarot card reader at fairs (haha, seriously I would do this)
7) Knitting designer.
What do you think? :)
My next post will be more about knitting. This is just a blip... I like my list of goals. I think I need to seriously think about these..
Be Well!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Cranky Knitting 101

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My only excuse, is that it was that time of the month. It was weekend, I was away from work, able to relax at home. My daughters were being pretty well-behaved. So why was I cranky all weekend? Well come on, can't we all always find a reason to be cranky? The hard part (especially during that time of the month) is to find a reason to NOT be cranky.

Major finished object:
Besides my awesome kids, my knitting reason to try and not be cranky was that yesterday I woke up and knew I had 10 rows to go before my Yarn Quest 2017 mkal scarf by Tania Richter was done, and it was done by noon!! :) The Grand Blanket Quest MKAL started on March third, but I will not be participating any time soon in that one. Yarn for this scarf was knitpicks.com stroll sock yarn in solid merlot heather and a tweed Down Heather (tip, do not do double knitting with tweed).

Along with finishing this, I had ben inspired to make some dice bags in the pattern of a dragon egg.

Works in Progress (WIPs):
My single crochet torture of a shrug is coming along. I believe that when I finish this next ball of yarn (the fourth) I will have my 40 inches, if not, I have another ball of yarn to go. The yarn is Lion Brand Heartland in the color Everglades. The pattern is the Canyon Shrug and is free from the Lion Brand Website.

What is with the poncho's?
Apparently, this month I want to make poncho's. The kind of poncho in which you knit two of the same panel and then seam them together. Go figure!

First up is the Plaidaptation pattern by Aunt Ninny. I bought the kit on craftsy the other week because it was on such a great sale and wanted to try some plaid knitting. The yarn is an acrylic yarn from craftsy.com called sprightly and I will say, it's pretty nice!

The second poncho is called Sarucha by Christa Hartmann. I am knitting it in Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn, Vanilla Bean color. This was stash yarn that I bought and I'm not sure why other then I love it. And I have to say, it is super soft. I highly recommend it, but I'm not sure how well it will work with the cables in this pattern. But I'm pretty determined.

In other news:
Water weight is keeping my weight loss at just .25 pounds, so we will see what happens next week and keep at it.

Went to the Golden Fleece Guild meeting yesterday and was shown how to use my drop spindle, which was a ton of fun. Knitting night is tomorrow night so I'm looking forward to socializing, though hopefully I'm less cranky.

As to the point of the title? What do I mean by Cranky Knitting 101? The point is to keep going. Keep knitting, keep your mouth closed sometimes if you don't have anything nice to say haha. Pick your battles and just keep on knitting. Maybe start a new project, maybe go dig and see what you can finish or maybe even frog (ribbit, rippit :P).

But all moods pass, it's not a matter of fighting them, but surrendering and letting it pass. Being kind to yourself and giving yourself space inside to feel how you need to feel. And maybe watch Dr. Strange, because honestly, that was a fantastic movie. :P

Be Well!