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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Of Shawls, Fingerless Mittens, and Dieting Hell (where is my knitting?)

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Bad news on the baby blanket front... The yarn is falling apart so it may not be fixable.. But my daughter doesn't seem to be missing it and has adopted a shawl I made (my design) in Premier Sweet Rolls.

Here she is wearing it during her 100 days celebration last week, it was also dress up as a grandma or grandpa day lol. Makes me feel old.

She has been in love with how soft and comfy it is.

I also finished these mittens, pattern was A Time To Reap by Melissa Schaschwary. The yarn is from KnitMona, a self-striping called Dark Horse (I highly recommend it).

In other news:
  A migraine set in yesterday morning and the lethargy is easily mistaken for depression, or there is a connection, who knows. But I cried on the way to work, and the warm office is not making it easy for me to stay awake.

Today is Tuesday, so for the kids it is McDonald's night (happy meals) and for me it is Knitting night, and I haven't gone in a few weeks. Most of the time, this year, it has been the bad weather, but last week it was a feeling of ickiness that kept me from going. I'm determined that tonight I make myself go.

It is really important, when you feel down, to make an effort to go out. Though it is really hard, it is always worth it in the end (well, 90% of the time it is).

I started dieting (using sparkpeople.com) last week and this morning did my first weigh-in, with a 2lb loss (not half bad). Still craving during the afternoons, but I'm drinking water instead and eating either veggies or fruit instead of carb crap (as I call my addictions lol). But sitting there craving it and not being able to knit is soo frustrating (as I grab my water bottle again lol).

If your kids are out of school, like mine, keep your head up and the wine close (if that is how you fly lol).

Otherwise, have a great week and see later, gaters!

Be Well,