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Monday, February 27, 2017

Holy Finished Objects!!!

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This past weekend was so interesting!! Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had temperatures that reached the 70's!! Thursday, I made sure to take a nice long walk at work and Friday was my first knitting lesson with a group ever!! Saturday was a spin-in with the local spinning guild, which is full of people who knit, crochet, weave, spin and are genuinely nice and welcoming!!

Knitting class progress:
But back to Friday, and the lesson I gave to my little crafting group. Most of the ladies that were there were crocheters (yay for crocheters!) so were familiar with yarn.

We are starting a prayer shawl that is simply cast on 63 stitches and knit in garter stitch (knit ever row) for 60 inches (or as long as you would like it). We are using 10.5-11 US needles (cables, not straight, because they want to learn how to knit in the circular), and 550 yards of bulky weight (5) yarn.

The cast on stitch I decided to use was the knitted cast on. Most of the time, I have not heard of people teaching this stitch to beginners but I decided it would be good for two reasons; one, it really is not any harder a stitch to teach a beginner than any other, two, it will give them a good feel for the knit stitch that they will be doing from here on out.

The class went swimmingly and I left after the too short half hour on a high!! Crafty high, that is.

Finishing Sunday!
Sunday was a day full of me finishing three projects :).

First, I finished the Thunderstorm MKAL by Alicia Plummer for Quidditch round 3 in the Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup. I'm having such a ball doing the classes!! Very happy I put in to be sorted in December in time!! This project was done in Celestial Strings Twinkle Toes (fingering weight with stellina) in color Tardis.

The next project I finished this weekend was the Cable Cape by Mel Clark. I enjoyed the cables, but this weekend I finished up doing the button-hole rows and sewing in the buttons, all done in Simply Soft!

The last project was started and finished over a span of three days. It was the Topiary Beanie by Jennifer Lang. The yarn took a bit of research because I had lost the tag.. But Saturday someone mentioned Rhinebeck and I remembered I had bought it there!! This yarn is a sport weight from Dragonfly Fibers called Damsel, color is Winter Woods. I need more of their yarn...

Check out the fiber sites I linked, they are worth it.

In other news:
  This week I have my usual knitting group on Tuesday, and a guild meeting on Sunday (that yes I will finally go too haha, I broke my own proverbial ice on Saturday). March is here this week so we have about 22 days until Spring.

And, I lost another 4 lbs last week (cut out all soda). Woot!!!

Be well!