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Monday, February 13, 2017

Baby Blanket Down! Alert! Baby Blanket Down!

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About 3 years ago (I think?), my husbands mother knit my daughters two beautiful blankets for my daughters. Well, my youngest soon stole them for herself and loved them to pieces, as you can see above. So I took one of them apart and this past weekend started reknitting it back together.

  As of yesterday, I was about a third through the massive ball of yarn that was once a blanket haha. That took up most of my weekend. I am not dragging the worn yarn to work to knit on, though I will continue to work on it during the week at night haha.

Other projects started are the Thunderstorm MKAL by Alicia Plummer in Celestial Strings Twinkle Toes Sparkle Sock, Tardis color.

All I have left on the Cable Cape is to pick up stitches around the front and the cape to make the button border and ribbing around the face. I just ADORE (sarcasm) picking up stitches... Probably why I will likely frog the Bluebell Flames shawl that is entrelac.. because yeah.. nope.

In other news:
  My sweet 5 year old has very little filter. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't swear but she says what is on her mind. This past fall she would ask me if I had a baby in my tummy (NO, I do NOT).


I know, I'm kind of mommy shaped. I have a tummy and am naturally broad shouldered so my upper arms are thick. If I was tall, I wonder if I could be a line-backer..

I'm squishy and soft for my kids but at 190lbs, I think it's time to lose 45 or so.

Years ago I tried Sparkpeople.com and I just went back on today and downloaded their app for my phone to try once more. They are helpful to track my food and exercise (keeping me honest) and they have great recipes. Most of all. It's free (phew!). I just do not have the extra time for weight watchers or the money, so this is a good option for me.

Wish me luck as I aim to no longer snack in the afternoons (this is sooo hard!!).

Be Well,