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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Sockhead is FINISHED!!

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Knitting news:

  This hat was sooo boring. The only reason why I survived it was that the yarn is BEAUTIFUL (and the name, rainbow unicorn farts, was hilarious)!

  A sparkly rainbow yarn, I had absolutely no idea that it would knit up into stripes perfectly for the Sockhead Slouch Hat by Kelly McClure. The yarn is from Celestial Strings and is very soft.

In other fantastic news, I did finish two bunnies! And no, I will never make these again. Not my favorite things to make and I'm not a huge fan of making stuffies, to be honest. They are done and that is THAT.

I did start Bonnie's Wish by Erica Jackowsky in worsted weight Berroco Vintage from Webs. Now, I had started this ages ago as part of a mkal with Erica's group and ran out of yarn, this happens sometimes with her patterns so make sure you have more than enough yarn for yourself. I adore her patterns, but I'm pretty sure she is a tighter knitter than I am haha.

I just adore these cables and look forward to doing them again. These were in dk weight, but this time I am using worsted weight yarn and a size 7 US (4.5mm) needles so it will be nice and big (perfect for winters up here in upstate NY).

In other news:
    My oldest daughter (9 year old) played the sick card today.. And I fell for it. I had to be late for work anyway to mail the bunnies and I just have to stick to my guns from now on. No vomiting, no fever? Go to school... It's just that if she really was sick and I sent her to school I work an hour away.. Well, it will work out, I will figure out this parenting thing one day at a time with my awesome daughters.

  The weekend was fairly relaxing, once the bunnies got out of the way. (What an odd turn of phrase). I'm reading two main books right now: Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick; and the Rylee Adamson series by Shannon Mayer.

The first, by Barbara Demick, is a biographical journey with a few North Koreans who lived in North Korea during the famine of the 1990's and who appear to have fled the country at some point afterward, it is hard to tell presently. But the book is very well-written and touching, as well as frustrating and insightful as to how individuals and a group of people can follow blindly.

The second, by Shannon Mayer, is an urban fantasy series that revolves around the main character, Rylee Adamson. Her adventures take her through werewolves, witches, unicorns, dragons, vampires and demons. It is a ride that is worth taking, though watch out for the zombies.

Have a fantastic week and keep on crafting!

Be well!