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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Crazier Than Usual: Women's March Prep

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This weekend was crazy. I was so worried about getting my Metro Card in time (they did come yesterday), my tshirt still has not been shipped (waiting for campaign to end??.. Does that mean I won't be able to wear it on Saturday?...), and of course I was checking to make sure that I was all set to be on my bus haha. As well as the fact that I had a stomach bug, and so did my 5 year old.

Knit with Lion Brand Heartland - Denali color

   To make sure that I didn't freak out, I knitted four and a half of my Cabled Kitty Hats. These are my pattern (published 2 years ago) that I have put up for free with the code PUSSYMARCH until Saturday night. This pattern has been downloaded for free over 3700 times and I am thrilled!! I hope to see pictures of my kitty hat all over the country during the marches this Saturday!

Knit with Caron Cakes - Faerie Cake color
  I am in absolute heaven that I will be marching, and I will be marching for my daughters who are so proud of me for going. This is a time for standing up for what you believe in, for not going quietly into the night because Trump won, even after all of the things that he has said and did. I will not stay quiet, and this is my small way of staying active.
   If you are reading this and getting angry because you voted for Trump and believe that I should step into line, please do me a favor. For one week, listen to your local public radio station. Just listen and take it in. Please.
  To those of you marching. Be safe, be kind, no violence, no name-calling and be respectful. Let's make this the biggest march in the country since the civil rights era and lets make it peaceful.
Be well!