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Friday, January 6, 2017

Chaotic Knitting

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  I have been trying to make the blog easier on the eyes over the last year by making the font large, today I widened the space the blog takes up on a regular webpage. If there are any points of suggestions, please always feel you can email them to me at tangledmania@gmail.com or comment.

  Something I considered doing, briefly, was adding a donation button to this blog. This was a hard thought to have because I despise asking for help. When I am depressed, I actually have a lot of trouble reaching out to my friends and letting them know I need some friend time. When I need money, it is physically painful to ask for it.

  This year, besides doing the Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup, I am hoping to also design more and have a few ideas in my head for rectangle shawls that use a great deal of fingering weight. Hopefully my designs will bring in some other cash. I also do have my etsy shop open with finished knitted items.

  Do not get me wrong, I actually do work full time and am a mom as soon as I get home, though my kids cuddle with me while I'm knitting or crocheting haha.

  But money is tight, and etsy sales are really low so the idea of a donation button popped around my head. But what could I give back?

  To make this blog more than just me blabbing about what is going on, I am going to try to expand it to include a page on mental health resources and blog posts, free patterns that I have found and am obsessed with, reviews of indie dyers (if I can afford to continue that), and much more.

Knitting Fun:
 Knitting wise, I am having fun with my double knitting, having finished the first clue of the Yarn Quest 2017 MKAL (woot!), the next clue comes out on Sunday.

 The knitpicks.com stroll yarn is lovely (merlot heather and dove heather tweed), and the tweedy aspect of the lighter color gives it a fun depth.

Yes... this will be a bunny. :P
Other knitting speed fun that I am doing, my own fault, is two rabbits. One is completely done (cream and black) and the other is almost done (brown and cream) EXCEPT for sewing on ears and feet. The ears are stumping me because I don't want the seam to be too obvious and as they fold over at the bottom, I am having trouble with it...

But it shall be conquered!! And shipped on Saturday or early Monday to my good friend Sylvia who ordered them. They shall be with her by her requested date gosh darn it!! :). The second bunny will also help me out by being part of a Quidditch speed round on ravelry.com (yes, nerd that I am).

In other news:
   The week is almost over, weekend is coming and I will be doing my best to not be shy and take my drop spindle and some roving to a meeting of the local spinning guild. I have never attended one of their monthly meetings before and am a little nervous, but this is a big attempt at me trying to be social with local folks!!

  Wish me luck!! :)

Be Well (and warm!)