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Thursday, January 26, 2017

And Life Keeps Marching On.. Kind of.

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Of all the things that I expected to write about, post-march, me having a doctors appointment in which concern is expressed for the lump growing under my jaw is the last thing I expected to write about.

  7 years ago this year, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I told my endocrinologist during last years appointment about this lump and she said it was nothing, but did not do a scan. She also did not tell me that there were traces of thyroid in my blood, and there shouldn't be.

  Speed up to todays physical and I mentioned it again, being worried that it may have grown a little, and he is just as alarmed and I am being scheduled for a CT. I leave the appointment, and freak out a little on the way to work.

  I cried, I screamed a little, I let myself panic a little. But I specifically gave myself space and compassion to feel what I needed to feel at that time. I am not convinced that it is cancer again, it may not be and I have no way to know. But it is important that we give ourselves the kindness and compassion to feel what we need to feel and let the storm of emotions pass.

  Now, I am able to focus again on my life and be more positive. I took that moment as it was, a needed vent of stress. I am still stressed out, but I am also a mom and I still have to work and deal with my husbands surgery next Friday. Life moves on.

And so does my knitting!:
  Kind of, since everyone doing the Yarn Quest 2017 - Heroes of Yarnia RPG MKAL by Tania Richter will have a slightly different scarf thanks to the roll of a set of dice, I do not feel too bad showing off some of my progress. Look at my seals!!!

 This is not even the entire scarf!! The story aspect is greatly enjoyed by my kids right now too.

I'm also trying to get cleared to make knitted breastforms for women who lose their breasts, these are free through awesomebreastforms.org (please share).

Making progress!

I have also been playing along with the Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup this month (like crazy) and most of what I have made are hats, maybe next month are squares. :)

Here is a cute picture my two little fairies helped me take, they were holding the sword haha.
I took apart my temperature blanket.. because it is ridiculously wide and I changed my mind on that haha. Of course, now I may take it apart because I worry it is too short width-wise... I'm doomed.. And really behind.

Soon to come! I got my hands on some yak mix yarn!!! :)

Be Well!!