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Monday, January 30, 2017

All the Baby Things! (And a Tiny Ugly Dog.. Err Fawn.. Err Dog..)

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   Sometimes, all we can do is the minimum because we are just that overwhelmed. That is what my weekend was like. With my renewed cancer scare, after being in remission for a year officially, and my husbands surgery this weekend.. Well, I was just done in this weekend.

  So Friday night I went grocery shopping and got what we needed for the weekend, then just relaxed over the weekend with my crafty self and my awesome kids. It's important, sometimes, to really give yourself space and time to be compassionate towards yourself.

  Knitting that got done:

Declan Seamless Baby Pullover by Danna Rachel was done in one skein of Berroco Comfort (100% acrylic) worsted weight yarn. It was a satisfying knit, and is slightly longer than the measurements from top to bottom, but that isn't a bad thing. I needed something quick, but with a little bit of a challenge (I despise picking up stitches around a neckline evenly hehe). Still, very happy with the result.

Reno Baby Hat by Marianna Mel was a very fun and quick knit for just the very newborn (my version was 0-3 months) and knit in Red Heart With Love yarn (aran weight). It was supposed to have been knit flat, but I just ignored that and did it magic loop style lol.

Tiny Ugly Dog... AKA was supposed to be a fawn. So I have this book called Mini Knitted Woodland, and it really is adorable. So this weekend, yesterday, I made an attempt at the fawn.. Which failed.. horribly. It was supposed to be standing, and it looked like a sitting dog, so I gave it a leash, crocheted ears, put a nose and eyes on it and called it a Tiny Ugly Dog. :P.
.... My 5 year old likes it..

Moving on:
   That's about it for finished, small, items. Still working on my double knitted scarf Yarn Quest 2017 by Tania Richter (OWL for those doing the Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup this term), and reached 50%, but cannot post until February 1st. :).

I also started a crocheted shrug called Canyon Shrug (free pattern through Lion Brand). Funny story about this project? I am using Lion Brand Heartland to make in in colorway Everglades (green). Soft wonderful yarn. The shrug looks great, but I did not realize that it was all in single crochet... Still working on it, but my awareness of this was a bit.. cursing haha. 36 inches of single crochet through the back loop. Well.. Good thing I have until the end of March, right?.

New Item in my Etsy shop:

  Do you know anyone looking for a pink hat? A green hat (environment)? A rainbow hat? I'm making rainbow hats, and have green and pink at the ready!  Here is the link: Kitty hats!

Be well!