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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mayapple Shawl Insanity (My Oops)

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  This year, I made the decision that I wanted to do some more things out in the community. Boy was that a bad idea. It was just too much for me and my family, much to my regret. But even with me downsizing, I feel as if things have been just as hectic. But I know that it is mostly in my head and I'm not meditating enough haha.

  Money being what it is, I decided to do a yarn review of some big online stores this month (knitpicks or lion brand for example). The next post after that (hopefully) will be me revealing how my experiment with Caron Cakes and Premier Sweet Rolls went. So much to come in this holiday season!!

Knitting stuff  :
   I have been focused on the Mayapple shawl by Dee O'Keefe (knitted with knitpicks.com stroll tonal in seashell). Again, this shawl is not as hard as it appears, though I have had my moments with the center lace section haha. I have gotten to the point in which I cannot WAIT to see it blocked out and enjoy the WOOSH factor (that moment when the lace just opens right up).

Getting bigger!!!
     Something I found interesting in this project was that I flipped my m1r and m1l (make 1 right and make 1 left). Ironically, the reason why I did that was because in my mind, I thought it was right and logical (but obviously it was wrong). Now I am going to finish it the way that I started and it doesn't look that bad, to be honest. Sometimes what matters most is to be consistent rather than right. (Purlsoho resource and Twist Collective resource).
   As you can see below, I was under the belief that it was leaning left. My belief stemmed from the idea that the curve of the loop I outlined leaned it toward the left. But apparently I was wrong..

Here is the other side:

Based on the research, I am completely wrong. But like I've said, no one will know the difference in the long-run because I am staying the course and keeping it consistent. Though I will know, and I am taking it as a learning moment. I kind of like the overall effect anyway so am not unhappy with it. You will see when I finish it and block it out. I will take close up picture then.

Wrapping it up:
   Just like so many of you, the holidays can be rough. Knit or crochet when you need too. Find joy in the moments, not the memories or nightmares if you cannot.

Find contentment and a sense of grounding in each moment. What has passed is gone and there is nothing we can do about it. Sometimes all we can do is focus on each stitch and each row, each breath. Make the holidays as relaxing as you can by remembering to ground yourself in each moment. Do not let anyone tell you what your worth is.

Be well!