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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Prep Insanity, Anyone?

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  Fair warning.

  Christmas is looming, yes it is.

Things to do?
1) Knit two stuffed creatures for my kids for xmas
     One mermaid, and one cat.. I am not fond of the cat.. But it's not for me right? (Don't judge me lol).

2) I have a bearded hat to make. Crap, is it really December 8th already?

3) One hat for the husband... Not sure which it will be... That sounds positive right?

What do I want to do? Knit shawls.... Nap... Hang out on Facebook... Beg my husband to not wash clothes on the warm setting (look up the cold setting, much better in a couple of ways)...

Ya'll know what a Hatchimal is?
Target's may be getting more of them this Sunday. Do I want to wait in line in the wee hours of Sunday morning to get one for my kids (from Santa) for xmas? Nope. Will I be doing this if a line forms the night before? Nope.

I'm feeling entirely too hectic. Wish I could just take the entire month of December off on vacation. Wouldn't that be nice? Sounds heavenly to me. But my powerball ticket was a bust this afternoon, when I checked it, not even a few thousand dollars. Blah.

But hey, it's ok. I'm going to go home tonight and get organized. Honestly!!

It's probably a good thing I think alcohol tastes and smells horrible (and it makes me sick due to intolerance, from the first tiny sip). I would be a very happy, giggly, drunk.

I wonder where I left my keys....

Be Well