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Monday, November 28, 2016

Superhero Powers - And Knitting Awesomeness!!

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   I am of the opinion that we all have our little super powers. Admittedly, I am a total geek. I enjoy watching the movies with tight-clad men and women who have super powers (ahh Thor). Their confidence in their abilities, that sometimes fail them, reminds me so much of my own super powers.

   We do all have our super powers. Mine are as follows:
   1) Knitting and Crocheting :)
   2) Reading fast :P
   3) My empathy  (which, like so many super powers, is also a weakness).
   4) My super-awareness (as a survivor of a rough childhood, I am super aware of my surroundings).

   What are your super powers?

   Perhaps you picked up knitting or crochet quickly? Or perhaps your super power is to focus and power through frustration until you learn to knit or crochet?

   Perhaps it is your kindness? Perhaps it is thoughtfulness, or intelligence, or emotional intelligence?

  There are so many ways that we can look at our strengths (and weaknesses) as superpowers. Not to be overly prideful in them, but to acknowledge that they are strengths!

Knitting Update:
  This past weekend I was overly distracted so cast on quite a few projects (seriously... it was bad).

I only brought three projects with me to work, though. Two shawls and a hat.

1) Mayapple Shawl by Dee O'Keefe was one project I cast on this weekend. The yarn is from knitpicks.com Stroll Tonal in color Seashell. I cannot get over the edging, but the shawl entirely is so lovely and fun!!

2) I did restart the Filemot Shawl by Hunter Hammersen from the Curls: Book 1. Again, using knitpicks.com Stroll tonal yarn in color Eucalyptus (two skeins this time for a nice big shawl!). More to come on this shawl, it's sooo purty! :)

3) The last project that I have with me today is the Sockhead hat (pattern by Kelly McClure, and free), it's making progress yes?! This hat now has a fun memory with it as well as a 12 year old worked on it during the arts and craft fair the other weekend. Yarn is Celestial Strings Yarn, Twinkle Toes in color Rainbow Unicorn Farts (seriously). :)

In other news:

  So this is pretty big.

   My Etsy shop is fully open, with everything that didn't sell on there during the arts and craft fairs (and what I've finished since).

  I also have a new partner, Deb, who makes project bags. 

  In light of these changes, we have renamed the shop KnitandStitchCS (CS is for crafty sisters). You can find our link up at the beginning of this page to our Facebook page.

  Here are two project bags I have with me today:

Generally, we will not have licensed fabric bags up (to save the grief of fighting over whether or not we can, though technically we can :P ). But, if you are looking for something specific, please feel free to send us an email in Etsy with information on what you are looking for.

Thank you everyone!

Be Well,