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Monday, November 14, 2016

November Coming and Going

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  Over the past few weeks, I have been largely absent from blogging and posting on my Facebook page. I just want to take this moment to thank all of the people who have stuck around while I battled my depression over the past few weeks. It has meant more to me than you know!

   Whenever I feel down, I make sure to keep on knitting or crocheting. When I put those two hobbies down, then my family has cause to worry haha. But I have been knitting constantly (as usual).

  Over this past weekend, I was also working on completing the first of two holiday arts and craft fairs. My good friend Deb did well and I am so thrilled for her! Her bags are lovely. I sold nothing, but I anticipated that at that arts and craft fair due to their penchant to not advertise.

   This coming weekend I have much higher hopes! :)

 Knitting WIPS (works in progress):

  1) First is the Geology shawl by verybusymonkey on ravelry. I started this with some Araucania Huasco/Botany Lace yarn (unknown colorway, sorry). And it is knitting up quite lovely.
    I have to say, though, that the escalator layer (knits and purls) is driving me crazy haha.

   2) Still plugging away on the Celtic Dragon Scarf by Tania Richter. Double knitting is my secret love. It is great when I need something I really need to focus with to keep my mind more focused and less stressed out.

3) This is a shawl that I've started with Premier Sweet Rolls and this Thursday I will be receiving a shipment of Caron Cakes in order to compare the two yarns. This color is called Peaches and Cream Pop. The shawl is a pattern that I have made up and both the shawls will be the same pattern to compare evenly the differences.

Finished Objects:

Just one, the Moon Shadows shawl by Rosemary (Romi) Hill in Knitpicks.com stroll tonal yarn (raven and pearlescent).  This was a fun knit and I would actually like to do this again, but the top portion in a lighter color, or switch them, who knows. But it was very fun! I highly suggest the pattern.

In other words:
  With the holidays coming, many of us find ourselves stressed out and/or feeling down. What is important is to ground ourselves within ourselves. Let your energies sink, let your muscles relax, let your breathing slow and deepen. Each day that we find happiness and make it through is a day of success. We can do it.

Much love!