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Friday, October 14, 2016

Time Warp Week Causing Knitting Insanity

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What is about short weeks that make them seem longer and more stressful? Is it that the 5 day work week we are used to is thrown off?

  In a few weeks, my community band has it's first concert. I am so nervous!! Doing the community band was something I've wanted to do, and in general it has been a ton of fun, but sometimes it has been stressful too, trying to fit in practice for example.

Knitting this week has been interesting. My ADD has kicked in full force and my Ravelry Project page is overwhelmed.

1) Holy Twisted Stitches! I started the Filemot shawl by Hunter Hammersen, pattern only available from the book Curls, yarn from knitpicks.com Stroll Tonal in color Eucalyptus (holy soft and color is working beautifully!!), US 5 needles.

Fun story about this, is that I had gotten about this far the other day on size 6 needles before I had realized that there was a badly dropped stitch early on so I had to frog it back. But there is a meme to commemorate! Moving to size US 5 needles was a better decision too.

2) Hoped back onto working on the Triticum, but only 10 rows or so before I got sucked back into other things, it would be amazing if I could get to the armholes, may change my attention span around again. Again, silly ADD, but the size 5 needle on it needs to be released for other projects lol. Celestial Strings Yarn is still wowing people. Seriously.

3) The "A Time to Reap" fingerless mitten self striping yarn is colorway Dark Horse and is from KnitMona. This yarn is so fun and I just love to walk around and carry it with me to get a few sides knitted as I go. So much fun!

 4) Brioche is so fun, but apparently, I was having trouble with simple garter stitch. I tried to fix it.. but made it worse. So now I have to frog back to after the first brioche section. Briochealicious is the pattern, yarn is from a Knitologie delivery, back when lol.

So here is the pattern in a bigger picture:
And here is a close up picture of my mistake (sniffle). Since this shawl for sales at arts and craft shows that I'm doing, the mistake is not acceptable.

Then the Craziness Starts:
Oh yes, that was just what I've been carrying around. That is not the true craziness. The craziness is what I've added this week and what I actually want to cast on.. So yeah...

Crazy 1) Bluebell Flames (Blue Moon Shawl). This is an Entrelac shawl that I think would be perfect for the Malabrigo Arroyo yarn in color Archangel. I have never attempted Entrelac before so I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Pattern is from The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine.

Image of shawl is from Magazine.

Crazy 2) The E.L.F Cap (Elf Liberation Front Cap). I am starting to get fingering weight balls tucked into my drawer and figured it would be fun to do this. The kids will get a kick out if and so will I! Pattern is again from The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine.
Picture is from Magazine
Crazy 3) Derwisch circular shawl in fingering yarn (knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Raven, pearlescent, Malbec, Train Station, and Pacific).
Image is from Ravelry pattern page.

Did I not say I was crazy? Overwhelming number of WIPs? And no, this is not all of them. Yup, I've gone crazy. But it keeps me sane, oddly enough. Isn't that funny? That this crazy number of works in progress keep me sane? It gives me a project for every mood.

What is something insane that you do that keeps you sane? Is it the number of projects you have?

I am off to hide for the weekend, if you are off to Rhinebeck please do enjoy yourself!!

Be Well!!