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Monday, October 3, 2016

The Weekend Was Vast And Sickly

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Chemo Hat update:
   This past weekend I discovered that my lungs were enflamed, so was ordered to rest and relax. This did happen, as much as it ever can for a mom and yarncrafter, so kind of. I did finish 3 chemo hats last week, so my hope is to finish 3 more this week, I have two new ones started. Do you have any on the hook/needle?

Here is a decent picture of the last one I finished! The pattern was Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie by Elena Hunt (free pattern). My hope is to make this reversed and use up the rest of the yarn (keeping fingers crossed). It's very lovely on.

Double Knitting Video Adventure:
A Facebook friend requested a video of my double knitted edges. So I provided that, but it was quite the journey. I had bought a tripod for my cell phone, and was very excited to try it out this weekend. But the tripod was poorly built, and while it gave provided the option of tilting your cell phone down on a ball axis, it only did so on the side that had no main support, so it tipped over.

Being pretty livid, I walked away for a few minutes, and my oldest daughter offered to help. She is 9 and it didn't work out haha.

So I closed the three leg part of the tripod and "clipped" the leg part on my bra.. Yes, my bra (this is a G-rated film, I promise). This is the result.. And I think it was going out of focus when I took too deep a breath haha.

Trying to finish:
What I was trying, unsuccessfully, to finish was the Naomh Lace Shawl by Renee Leverington. Very happy with how it is knitting up, and I only used a lifeline once (I live dangerously). I am four rows from the end but will be stuck at work now!!!!

In future news:
So even though I thought I would best resting this weekend, it feels as if I did a lot. My husband was ill, my youngest is home sick with a bad cough (my cough I think...) and the week has started.

What grand plans do you have for the week? I'm just hoping to make it to knitting night and rehearsal, and to practice my flute (need to fit that in).

Rhinebeck is coming up (October 15-16) and I will be taking videos of my day there on Sunday (regarding reception, I cannot promise they will be Live on Facebook, but that is the goal).

Also, I will be working at BitsyKnits on Sunday, from 12-2pm, in Building C, so make sure you stop by and say hi (and buy some yarn lol). 

Be well folks!