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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Knitting While Strong at the Dark Places

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This pictures is truly how I feel today. I know for a fact that so many of my readers suffer from Anxiety and/or Depression (not to mention Bipolar and many other mental health illnesses). But we are not alone and we are strong individuals. We may not feel strong but let me give you a few reasons for why you are, and I want you to try and take these to heart.

1) You craft.
   This is a wonderful coping tool. You are not sitting around doing nothing, you are crafting something unique with your hands. Knitting or crocheting, you are taking things one stitch at a time, even if the yarn does get a little salty wet from tears at times (I know mine does occasionally).

2) You are reading this.
    These top two things kind of make you a warrior because you are not giving in. We are not giving into the darkness that clouds our light. We are reading, writing, talking to people who probably have absolutely no idea just how truly depressed we are.

Life is tough, my readers. Knitting with soft yarn is a blessing and we are blessing the world with our creations. We are taking it upon ourselves to knit or crochet something that brings comfort to someone, that brings beauty. If you knit or crochet only for yourself, you are soothing yourself. If you knit and crochet mainly for other people, you are a giving sweetheart that is bringing kindness to others.

I woke up today very tearful, between real world problems, my dreams last night, and PMDD issues I just did not have a chance at all. Today, I cried all the way to work.

But that isn't the whole story. Because today, I took my daughter to school and dropped her off. Today I drove to work. Today I did what I needed to do, even though I felt like my heart was fracturing all over again.

Today is not just any other day
Today I am a hero of light.
Today I did what I had to do
Even though I held back tears.
Today was not just any other day
Though it seemed so to some.
Today was another day
Of pain, tears and sadness.
Yet I kept on moving
Doing what I had to do.
Because every one of us
That fights that darkness
That keeps the clouds at bay
So that we can function in this world,
We are warriors and hero's of light.

What I'm Knitting:
   After much waffling, I did knit a few rows of the Tracery, but do feel intimidated by the colorwork. Worrying that I'm not leaving the floaters loose enough... Not really a huge fan of the single ply yarn for color work. I feel as if it sheds and can hide the colorwork. I prefer the cleanness of a more heavily plyed yarn, if that makes any sense.

  Last night I did pick up Triticum from my WIP stash (where works in progress go when they are in time out). I set it aside back when because my shoulder down to my elbow was killing me. I still get flare-ups from time to time but working with fingering weight definitely aggravates it more.

  Since I had so much shuffle sock yarn from Celestial Strings in colorway Eta Carina, I added an inch in length (I prefer longer cardigans and this is for work). So now I just have to keep going on the two fronts until they are the same length as the back before starting the armhole. Phew!

So that is today's blog post. A lot of depression, some poetry and my knitting efforts, at least a taste (let's not speak of the test knitted scarf I started and finished over the weekend........).

Be well!