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Monday, October 17, 2016

Crafting Those Monday Blues

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Why is it Monday? How does this happen to us, that this day creeps up and is here? Why can't we get a second Sunday?

But here it is, so I suppose we must deal with it.

The weekend was kind of relaxing, though I had trouble sleeping, which helps in knitting.

Does anyone else feel as if our joint aches and pains are worse this year? My elbow has been acting up, knees, back.. Ugh lol. Falling apart!!! Though I probably do need to take a few day breaks from knitting to let my elbow rest, at least I'm icing it.

Yarn stash conundrum:
   This weekend, I decided to carry some yarn from my shelves downstairs upstairs to put it in my bins.. Well.. I have a problem. My bins are full. So I truly, TRULY, need to only craft from what I have in my bins because there is no place else to put yarn in my house haha. Well, there is but those bins are for my kids toys (not that they actually put them in the bins..).

  Anyone else have that problem? I'm doomed haha. Maybe a house cozy?

New Projects Started
If you read the post from Friday, I mentioned my ADD and that I was starting a few new projects because of my stress level.

1) Bluebell Flames (Blue Moon Shawl) by Hannah Poon and found in the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits book/magazine was started with Malabrigo Arroyo in color archangel.

  This is a very fun project and good for little but fast satisfactions. Each little rectangle is finished quickly and working on picking up my stitches evenly has been a great practice! Entrelac is so much easier than I thought it would be. It is probably the ONLY knitting technique that I have not attempted.. If I can remember correctly.

2) Filemot by Hunter Hammerson from Curls (book 1) in Knitpicks.com stroll tonal in color eucalyptus.

This is all purls, yo's (yarn over's) and twisted stitches. Somebody commented it looks like brioche, but it is not. Will be interesting to see how big I can get it to use the entire skein of yarn. And the fun part on something like this is that I almost have the pattern memorized!! (Small victories haha).

3) Zelm Hat by Sarah Abrams is a test knit that I was working on Sunday for fun. A brioche hat, and it is really is fun to do brioche in the round!! In Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Merino Wool Blend (discontinued), this hat is squishy soft awesomeness. But the yarn was way too splitty.

So one finished, one started (with good progress) and one continued (a little).

Did you have a great weekend?

What did you work on?

Be Well!