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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Bit of Bad, But Knitting On!

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Due to issues beyond my control, there are two things that I will not be doing on this blog that I did say I would be doing.

1) Going to Rhinebeck
2) Buying an Indie Dyers yarn this month and doing a review.

To be quite honest, I just cannot swing it. This blog does NOT make me money. Everything I do on here is for fun for me and any reviews I do happen after I purchase the yarn from an indie dyer and actually start it in a project to try it out.

    This year, I have done better in selling shawls at arts and crafts shows locally, but it is really just helping my family finances, and I haven't been able to really invest back in. So the time comes that I have to look at what I'm doing and scale back.
   I will continue to knit and crochet, as I have a good sized stash that I have accumulated. But the good yarn is out of reach for now.
  In fact, I finished Naomh last night (super excited) and am really in love with it, yarn is from KnitMona. This shawl will be a fantastic example of what a shawl looks like before you block it, and what it looks like after you block it. Blocking will occur this weekend! :)

Finishing this rather large lace shawl made me want to cast on a new project, but I have SOO many projects that it isn't a very good idea haha. I posted this picture on Instagram last night and asked folks what they thought I should knit first?
What do you think? What should I work on?

Left to right:
1) The pullover is called Portree Sweater by Martin Storey and can only be found in the book Scottish Knits (well worth the purchase!!).
2) The middle is the Tracery vest by Kathleen Sperling (I have been wanting to make a few vests for work), and I already have this one started, the bottom ribbing is complete (yarn I have is knitpicks.com Chroma).
3) The last is a cardigan called Triticum by Anne Hanson. This is a sweater I also started and finished the back and half of the fronts (two at a time). I stopped working on it because my elbow and shoulder really started hurting last winter). The yarn I am using is from celestial strings and called shuffle sock in color eta carina.
In Other News:
Over the next few weeks, I will be getting ready for my last arts and craft fair of the year in Schoharie, NY (they really need to get a cell tower down in that valley). After that fair I will be attempting to find ways to post my finished shawls that are up for sale.
One idea is to take pictures of the shawls at the fair, not a bad idea really.
This blog site will go over a minor re-vamp as I continue to streamline my message and pages for you. One of the pages I am planning include a pattern outline and guide for pattern designers.

Be Well!