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Monday, October 17, 2016

Crafting Those Monday Blues

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Why is it Monday? How does this happen to us, that this day creeps up and is here? Why can't we get a second Sunday?

But here it is, so I suppose we must deal with it.

The weekend was kind of relaxing, though I had trouble sleeping, which helps in knitting.

Does anyone else feel as if our joint aches and pains are worse this year? My elbow has been acting up, knees, back.. Ugh lol. Falling apart!!! Though I probably do need to take a few day breaks from knitting to let my elbow rest, at least I'm icing it.

Yarn stash conundrum:
   This weekend, I decided to carry some yarn from my shelves downstairs upstairs to put it in my bins.. Well.. I have a problem. My bins are full. So I truly, TRULY, need to only craft from what I have in my bins because there is no place else to put yarn in my house haha. Well, there is but those bins are for my kids toys (not that they actually put them in the bins..).

  Anyone else have that problem? I'm doomed haha. Maybe a house cozy?

New Projects Started
If you read the post from Friday, I mentioned my ADD and that I was starting a few new projects because of my stress level.

1) Bluebell Flames (Blue Moon Shawl) by Hannah Poon and found in the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits book/magazine was started with Malabrigo Arroyo in color archangel.

  This is a very fun project and good for little but fast satisfactions. Each little rectangle is finished quickly and working on picking up my stitches evenly has been a great practice! Entrelac is so much easier than I thought it would be. It is probably the ONLY knitting technique that I have not attempted.. If I can remember correctly.

2) Filemot by Hunter Hammerson from Curls (book 1) in Knitpicks.com stroll tonal in color eucalyptus.

This is all purls, yo's (yarn over's) and twisted stitches. Somebody commented it looks like brioche, but it is not. Will be interesting to see how big I can get it to use the entire skein of yarn. And the fun part on something like this is that I almost have the pattern memorized!! (Small victories haha).

3) Zelm Hat by Sarah Abrams is a test knit that I was working on Sunday for fun. A brioche hat, and it is really is fun to do brioche in the round!! In Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Merino Wool Blend (discontinued), this hat is squishy soft awesomeness. But the yarn was way too splitty.

So one finished, one started (with good progress) and one continued (a little).

Did you have a great weekend?

What did you work on?

Be Well!



Friday, October 14, 2016

Time Warp Week Causing Knitting Insanity

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What is about short weeks that make them seem longer and more stressful? Is it that the 5 day work week we are used to is thrown off?

  In a few weeks, my community band has it's first concert. I am so nervous!! Doing the community band was something I've wanted to do, and in general it has been a ton of fun, but sometimes it has been stressful too, trying to fit in practice for example.

Knitting this week has been interesting. My ADD has kicked in full force and my Ravelry Project page is overwhelmed.

1) Holy Twisted Stitches! I started the Filemot shawl by Hunter Hammersen, pattern only available from the book Curls, yarn from knitpicks.com Stroll Tonal in color Eucalyptus (holy soft and color is working beautifully!!), US 5 needles.

Fun story about this, is that I had gotten about this far the other day on size 6 needles before I had realized that there was a badly dropped stitch early on so I had to frog it back. But there is a meme to commemorate! Moving to size US 5 needles was a better decision too.

2) Hoped back onto working on the Triticum, but only 10 rows or so before I got sucked back into other things, it would be amazing if I could get to the armholes, may change my attention span around again. Again, silly ADD, but the size 5 needle on it needs to be released for other projects lol. Celestial Strings Yarn is still wowing people. Seriously.

3) The "A Time to Reap" fingerless mitten self striping yarn is colorway Dark Horse and is from KnitMona. This yarn is so fun and I just love to walk around and carry it with me to get a few sides knitted as I go. So much fun!

 4) Brioche is so fun, but apparently, I was having trouble with simple garter stitch. I tried to fix it.. but made it worse. So now I have to frog back to after the first brioche section. Briochealicious is the pattern, yarn is from a Knitologie delivery, back when lol.

So here is the pattern in a bigger picture:
And here is a close up picture of my mistake (sniffle). Since this shawl for sales at arts and craft shows that I'm doing, the mistake is not acceptable.

Then the Craziness Starts:
Oh yes, that was just what I've been carrying around. That is not the true craziness. The craziness is what I've added this week and what I actually want to cast on.. So yeah...

Crazy 1) Bluebell Flames (Blue Moon Shawl). This is an Entrelac shawl that I think would be perfect for the Malabrigo Arroyo yarn in color Archangel. I have never attempted Entrelac before so I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Pattern is from The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine.

Image of shawl is from Magazine.

Crazy 2) The E.L.F Cap (Elf Liberation Front Cap). I am starting to get fingering weight balls tucked into my drawer and figured it would be fun to do this. The kids will get a kick out if and so will I! Pattern is again from The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine.
Picture is from Magazine
Crazy 3) Derwisch circular shawl in fingering yarn (knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Raven, pearlescent, Malbec, Train Station, and Pacific).
Image is from Ravelry pattern page.

Did I not say I was crazy? Overwhelming number of WIPs? And no, this is not all of them. Yup, I've gone crazy. But it keeps me sane, oddly enough. Isn't that funny? That this crazy number of works in progress keep me sane? It gives me a project for every mood.

What is something insane that you do that keeps you sane? Is it the number of projects you have?

I am off to hide for the weekend, if you are off to Rhinebeck please do enjoy yourself!!

Be Well!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Knitting While Strong at the Dark Places

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This pictures is truly how I feel today. I know for a fact that so many of my readers suffer from Anxiety and/or Depression (not to mention Bipolar and many other mental health illnesses). But we are not alone and we are strong individuals. We may not feel strong but let me give you a few reasons for why you are, and I want you to try and take these to heart.

1) You craft.
   This is a wonderful coping tool. You are not sitting around doing nothing, you are crafting something unique with your hands. Knitting or crocheting, you are taking things one stitch at a time, even if the yarn does get a little salty wet from tears at times (I know mine does occasionally).

2) You are reading this.
    These top two things kind of make you a warrior because you are not giving in. We are not giving into the darkness that clouds our light. We are reading, writing, talking to people who probably have absolutely no idea just how truly depressed we are.

Life is tough, my readers. Knitting with soft yarn is a blessing and we are blessing the world with our creations. We are taking it upon ourselves to knit or crochet something that brings comfort to someone, that brings beauty. If you knit or crochet only for yourself, you are soothing yourself. If you knit and crochet mainly for other people, you are a giving sweetheart that is bringing kindness to others.

I woke up today very tearful, between real world problems, my dreams last night, and PMDD issues I just did not have a chance at all. Today, I cried all the way to work.

But that isn't the whole story. Because today, I took my daughter to school and dropped her off. Today I drove to work. Today I did what I needed to do, even though I felt like my heart was fracturing all over again.

Today is not just any other day
Today I am a hero of light.
Today I did what I had to do
Even though I held back tears.
Today was not just any other day
Though it seemed so to some.
Today was another day
Of pain, tears and sadness.
Yet I kept on moving
Doing what I had to do.
Because every one of us
That fights that darkness
That keeps the clouds at bay
So that we can function in this world,
We are warriors and hero's of light.

What I'm Knitting:
   After much waffling, I did knit a few rows of the Tracery, but do feel intimidated by the colorwork. Worrying that I'm not leaving the floaters loose enough... Not really a huge fan of the single ply yarn for color work. I feel as if it sheds and can hide the colorwork. I prefer the cleanness of a more heavily plyed yarn, if that makes any sense.

  Last night I did pick up Triticum from my WIP stash (where works in progress go when they are in time out). I set it aside back when because my shoulder down to my elbow was killing me. I still get flare-ups from time to time but working with fingering weight definitely aggravates it more.

  Since I had so much shuffle sock yarn from Celestial Strings in colorway Eta Carina, I added an inch in length (I prefer longer cardigans and this is for work). So now I just have to keep going on the two fronts until they are the same length as the back before starting the armhole. Phew!

So that is today's blog post. A lot of depression, some poetry and my knitting efforts, at least a taste (let's not speak of the test knitted scarf I started and finished over the weekend........).

Be well!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Bit of Bad, But Knitting On!

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Due to issues beyond my control, there are two things that I will not be doing on this blog that I did say I would be doing.

1) Going to Rhinebeck
2) Buying an Indie Dyers yarn this month and doing a review.

To be quite honest, I just cannot swing it. This blog does NOT make me money. Everything I do on here is for fun for me and any reviews I do happen after I purchase the yarn from an indie dyer and actually start it in a project to try it out.

    This year, I have done better in selling shawls at arts and crafts shows locally, but it is really just helping my family finances, and I haven't been able to really invest back in. So the time comes that I have to look at what I'm doing and scale back.
   I will continue to knit and crochet, as I have a good sized stash that I have accumulated. But the good yarn is out of reach for now.
  In fact, I finished Naomh last night (super excited) and am really in love with it, yarn is from KnitMona. This shawl will be a fantastic example of what a shawl looks like before you block it, and what it looks like after you block it. Blocking will occur this weekend! :)

Finishing this rather large lace shawl made me want to cast on a new project, but I have SOO many projects that it isn't a very good idea haha. I posted this picture on Instagram last night and asked folks what they thought I should knit first?
What do you think? What should I work on?

Left to right:
1) The pullover is called Portree Sweater by Martin Storey and can only be found in the book Scottish Knits (well worth the purchase!!).
2) The middle is the Tracery vest by Kathleen Sperling (I have been wanting to make a few vests for work), and I already have this one started, the bottom ribbing is complete (yarn I have is knitpicks.com Chroma).
3) The last is a cardigan called Triticum by Anne Hanson. This is a sweater I also started and finished the back and half of the fronts (two at a time). I stopped working on it because my elbow and shoulder really started hurting last winter). The yarn I am using is from celestial strings and called shuffle sock in color eta carina.
In Other News:
Over the next few weeks, I will be getting ready for my last arts and craft fair of the year in Schoharie, NY (they really need to get a cell tower down in that valley). After that fair I will be attempting to find ways to post my finished shawls that are up for sale.
One idea is to take pictures of the shawls at the fair, not a bad idea really.
This blog site will go over a minor re-vamp as I continue to streamline my message and pages for you. One of the pages I am planning include a pattern outline and guide for pattern designers.

Be Well!


Monday, October 3, 2016

The Weekend Was Vast And Sickly

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Chemo Hat update:
   This past weekend I discovered that my lungs were enflamed, so was ordered to rest and relax. This did happen, as much as it ever can for a mom and yarncrafter, so kind of. I did finish 3 chemo hats last week, so my hope is to finish 3 more this week, I have two new ones started. Do you have any on the hook/needle?

Here is a decent picture of the last one I finished! The pattern was Amazing Grace Blissful Beanie by Elena Hunt (free pattern). My hope is to make this reversed and use up the rest of the yarn (keeping fingers crossed). It's very lovely on.

Double Knitting Video Adventure:
A Facebook friend requested a video of my double knitted edges. So I provided that, but it was quite the journey. I had bought a tripod for my cell phone, and was very excited to try it out this weekend. But the tripod was poorly built, and while it gave provided the option of tilting your cell phone down on a ball axis, it only did so on the side that had no main support, so it tipped over.

Being pretty livid, I walked away for a few minutes, and my oldest daughter offered to help. She is 9 and it didn't work out haha.

So I closed the three leg part of the tripod and "clipped" the leg part on my bra.. Yes, my bra (this is a G-rated film, I promise). This is the result.. And I think it was going out of focus when I took too deep a breath haha.

Trying to finish:
What I was trying, unsuccessfully, to finish was the Naomh Lace Shawl by Renee Leverington. Very happy with how it is knitting up, and I only used a lifeline once (I live dangerously). I am four rows from the end but will be stuck at work now!!!!

In future news:
So even though I thought I would best resting this weekend, it feels as if I did a lot. My husband was ill, my youngest is home sick with a bad cough (my cough I think...) and the week has started.

What grand plans do you have for the week? I'm just hoping to make it to knitting night and rehearsal, and to practice my flute (need to fit that in).

Rhinebeck is coming up (October 15-16) and I will be taking videos of my day there on Sunday (regarding reception, I cannot promise they will be Live on Facebook, but that is the goal).

Also, I will be working at BitsyKnits on Sunday, from 12-2pm, in Building C, so make sure you stop by and say hi (and buy some yarn lol). 

Be well folks!