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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

KnitMona Interview and Review PLUS My 200th Post Giveaway!

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KnitMona is also known on Etsy as Jacie and has been running her popular Etsy shop since 2012. She is well known around Facebook, Ravelry and on Etsy mainly as an amazing dyer of self-striping and variegated awesomeness. Her yarn is tagged as having been used in 196 projects (people, add your yarn! :P) and she is honestly a genuinely nice person!
She was kind enough to agree to both interview, and later suprised me with yarn for my 200th Post Giveaway fun!! Thank you so much, Jacie!
What inspires you?

It really depends on the day.  Sometimes things in nature, sometimes my kids, sometimes a picture or a song and sometimes nothing at all.  There are so many possibilities with color that you can find inspiration anywhere.

How did you start dyeing your own yarn?

I started by taking a class at our local sheep and wool festival.  At first I just wanted to dye a couple skeins for myself, but dyeing is addictive and it was all downhill from there.


What do you want people to know?

This is such an open question!  Well, I want people to know that I care.  I care that I'm providing a quality product and I care that my customers are satisfied.

Knitmona is a family business.  My husband and kids help out as much as they can.  Mr. Knitmona has recently taken over the self striping department and the kids are in charge of winding cakes when needed.  My oldest son has so many wonderful ideas for the business that I can hardly keep up with both his ideas and mine.

I love what I do and I'm so grateful for such a supportive family and amazing customers!

What are you working on now (knitting or crocheting)?

Haha!  EVERYTHING!  I mostly knit and spin.  I can crochet, but I don't enjoy it as much as I enjoy knitting.  Right now I have about 10 knitting WIPs including an Exploration Station shawl by Westknits that I'm knitting with some yarn from LBArtYarn, GroovyHues and SirenStrings.  I also have a couple pairs of socks and a couple sockhead hats in the works.


   Your yarns are very colorful! What are your favorite colors?

I love all the colors, but I adore magenta and aqua.  I've also been drawn to more earthy tones lately.  Probably because autumn is almost here.

   I see you have mostly sock yarns, are they your favorite to dye with or just the most popular?

Both!  I love dyeing sock yarn and it's my biggest seller.  Now that it's getting cooler out I plan to stock some heavier weights though.

   I am currently using some lace-weight yarn I purchased from you and it is probably one of the most solid colorways in your shop haha. Do you prefer variegated and striped?

I do!  Variegated and striped are so fun to dye.  Occasionally I'll have requests for solid colors and I'm happy to dye them, they're just not as pulsar as variegated and stripes.

Who are your favorite designers?
This is a tough one.  There are so many great designers out there.  Right now I'm in love with brioche, so Stephen West and Susanne Sommer are at the top of my list.  I also love Ambah O'Brien and Janina Kallio.


Do you have any favorite patterns for your, usually, variegated yarn?

I don't know that I have a favorite because I love knitting all the things, but a great shawl pattern that works for just about everything is the Reyna.  Obviously vanilla socks are another option if you want the yarn to do all the work.  I also like to try more intricate patterns and in always surprised at how beautiful they turn out with highly variegated yarns. 
My Review:
  I ordered a lace weight yarn and a self-striping yarn in my favorite colors (Dark Horse). The lace weight yarn was called Stormy Skies and I have been making Naomh with it. The lace weight is 100% superwash merino wool, and boy does the softness show it.
Knitmona is very easy to get in touch with, her shipping is fast and she is super friendly. This is definitely a buyer that I would suggest. The self-striping yarn she has are beautiful and I definitely recommend them for socks, mittens and hats. Go for it!! 5 Stars!

Giveaway Info:
She was kind enough to donate a package for giveaway! So now down to the knitty and gritty :). You can get to the Giveaway form at the website below, but you must Like and Share the post for the Giveaway on my Facebook Page, and I will keep it pinned for the duration of the Giveaway.

  The Giveaway will go until Friday (9/23/16) night at 7pm, at which time I will randomly pull a winner and (hopefully, if the winner contacts me with address ASAP) ship the yarn out on Saturday (it is hard for me to get to the post office).

Again, to enter the Giveaway:
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Good luck! And may the knitting odds ever be in your favor!! :P

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