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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Counting Blessings Versus Anger Leads to Happy Knitting!

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Just had an epiphany. Seriously, just now, sitting here I realized that I am way to angry lately. I know it's stress, and I know that it is probably also the full moon a little. But this past week and a half, I'm just very angry.
   Life always hands us trials and tribulations, but how do I make it through without being angry? Some days, I'm really flexible and can move plans around and it's all good. But as a Libra, I've found that my life really does flow best when it is in balance. When I believe (note this word here) that I am receiving as much as I am giving out.
  That word, believe, is what brought me to an abrupt halt today. Because if we believe that we are being used to much, or not loved enough, we can miss the blessings that we do have. So let me count my blessings:
1) My two daughters, lights of my life, cuddle bugs.
2) My good friends that I have in my adult age, quality is improving drastically.
3) My knitting and crocheting is a source of pride and comfort.
4) I have a job with good pay and health insurance (and life insurance/disability insurance) for my family.
5) I'm playing in a community band, and the other members are so supportive and kind!!
I know there are more, but this is a good start for the day.
What I'm knitting:
 Finished item!!! I finished the Doodler:
The Doodler by Steven West was something I started last year and just finished. The yarn used is from HauteKnitYarn (off-white tweed), Celestial Strings (pink tweed) and Madeline Tosh Light (purple).
  This project used icord along all of it's edges and I was very worried about it being too tight but I soaked it and it expanded beautifully!! So no more fear of icord edgings, and in fact, I love them!
  Also, the yarn used had differences in its makeup, and this is the first time that I have experimented with that sort of thing, very thrilled with that!
Currently working on Noamh:

 Using yarn from KnitMona (laceweight merino wool in colorway Stormy Skies), Noamh is going along swimmingly and will be a fantastic lace-weight shawl once finished. I highly recommend the pattern!

I am looking for a new pattern that will challenge me, so if you have any suggestions, lay it on me. Fingering weight is preferable, considering brioche.


Fury rises
My fists clench tightly.
A tear escapes
And a breath soon follows.
The makeup I wear
Tear stains down my cheeks.
But the sky is beautiful
And my heart wishes I could fly.
To fly into the clouds
To feel the wind surround me.
Another breath
Escapes my lips as I knit my next stitch.
My chest opens
And my needles click on.
Be Well!