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Monday, September 26, 2016

Chemo Hat Challenge!!

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Congrats to Dre Flo for winning the Giveaway!!!
In Other News:
  This post was going to be about Christmas crafting and my lunch has thrown it completely around to a new topic. It turns out that hospitals that do chemotherapy run out of hats and scarves as soon as the cold weather hits.
This is me now, the Quackin.
  A kind woman at my work was telling me about how her sister is starting chemotherapy this week and wondered if I made chemo hats. Apparently the St. Mary's Cancer Center really needs chemo caps once the cold weather hits, as they run out quickly.
So here we go!
Knit and Crochet 50+ Chemo hats by November 18th
    I will likely crochet more hats than knit, since crocheting takes far less time (even though it uses more yarn lol).
Yarn I intend to use:
Knitpicks.com Comfy Worsted (so soft, love this cotton blend)
Red Heart Soft (this is the softest solid color in their line)
Caron Simply Soft (an affordable acrylic)
And some interesting cotton yarn and various cotton mixes I have hanging around.
There are plenty of patterns around to make chemo hats, a simple google search can send your head reeling and you are never without a new pattern to try.
1) Search in Ravelry.com with the simple word "Chemo".
2) Crochet for Cancer has a fantastic list of patterns.
3) Knots of Love has a really nice list of patterns.
Call to Action:
  If you have the slightest inclination, please contact your local cancer centers and ask them if they need chemo hats, make 5 and donate them. Many organizations have drop off locations, so google and see what is around you!! Join me in my craziness (no you do not have to make 50 haha).