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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Holy Cannoli! Ravellenics 2016.. My Kind Of Olympics!

Though it seems to have been a little downplayed this year, maybe less participating on ravelry.com, the Ravellenic Games 2016 start this Friday during opening ceremonies!! I am lucky enough to belong to far too many groups on ravelry, and Village Hopelessly Overcommitted  (Team HOC) is who I will be playing with online.

 The great thing about this is that some teams have their own prizes going, some Facebook groups are doing their own event along with it as well as prizes (or not). It's just a knitter and crocheter's way to add to the fun of the #riogames2016 . Admittedly, I will probably not watch as of much of the games as some people, but I work full time and do not get home until 6pm, then I have to make sure the kids are fed (and myself) and by 7pm maybe I can get around to watching something (if I'm not playing World of Warcraft like last night... haha).

What events are participating in?
Hats: #eventhat
(wow, no wonder they put event first, because then it would look like hatevent.. which looks like hate vent... I NEVER noticed that until just now! As it is, looks like "even that").
I am planning on making the Agathis hat, which is a free pattern. This will enter me into the laurelcable category too :).

How much fun does that look!!!!?

Shawls:  #eventshawl
Here I will be making a Dr. Who/Tardis shawl called Trillixagon Shawl/Tardis Variation and this time I have yarn picked out! Not sure how it will turn out, but some of the finished shawls were variegated so we will see! It is a Tardis colorway from Celestial Strings.

WIPs: #eventwips

Only 2 WIPs have even a possibility of being finished before the end of the Olympics.

One is the mittens I'm making called And Then There Were Mitts. This is the second pair I've made in the past two weeks haha.

The second WIP is a MKAL that is going along and has a possibility of being finished before the 22nd, so why not, right? It is the Philosopher's Stone MKAL (you've seen this picture before lol).


I will be lucky if I finish the mittens and one other thing haha. Life just happens, that is the way it is. I have the best of intentions.. But a MKAL also starts Friday for the School of Koi.. well it started today but I will cast on tomorrow. And I am enjoying the smaller scarf Celtic Dragon by the same designer. So yeah, I'm insane. Didn't you know? 

Be Well!