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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Arts and Crafts Fairs are AWESOME!

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This past weekend was full of fun! It seems that I am scheduled for one arts and craft show a month and am doing fairly well at each! My friend Deb is selling her fantastic bags of all sizes and I am selling (primarily) my shawls.

My goal is to make two more items (at least) before the next event on October 8-9 at Wellington's Artisan/Craft Show. And more for another show for three days on November 18-20 (more info to come on this one). That will be it for me because it takes time to make these shawls.

The main project on my knitting needles is the Nurmilintu with the Granny and the Wolf yarn from A Whimsical Wool Yarn Co. in Pixie Toes. I am just adoring the wine-red colors mixed with the gray and a little pink that isn't too pink. Just wonderful!

Today's Awesome Quote:
"My bag needs to be cleaned out, it's starting to look less like a Mary Poppins bag and more like a homeless kind of bag."
I said this at Walgreen's today while searching for 1 dollar bills... Pretty sure the problem is all the receipts..
I did such a good job adulting today.
    1) I got the car inspection done during a long lunch (yay for
         knitting during this).
     2) Managed to get birthday candles for my daughter from
     3) And I am at work.
All on the first day of my period! I am so proud of me.
It is so nice to finally have my a good day of no particularly dark depressive thoughts (beyond the normal every day ones that make me cry, at least I don't want to hide in the bathroom at work now). The first day of my period is so nice because it is a lifting of the PMS symptoms of the past week that have been plaguing me. Switched with cramps, but I can treat those with advil haha.
I hope you all have a great week and hopefully I will have more to give you this Friday.
Be Well!