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Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Whimsical Wood Yarn Co. Interview and Review

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Here is the first installment in a monthly (at least) edition of what Indie Dyer I have managed to get to reply to my pleas to do an interview. Again, I always also purchase yarn, this is not something I get anything for, so I am not bought haha.

I came across this woman and her yarn when she had posted her recent batch of Little Red Riding Hood colors and I became obsessed with the Granny & The Wolf, so I splurged and bought a skein.

She was kind enough to answer several questions and then a few more. So here is getting down to the knitty and gritty (get it? :P).

What inspires you?

What inspires my dyeing. Hmmm let's see. The answer to that is everything. Sometimes it is my children like in the little red riding hood line.
Granny & The Wolf
Sometimes it is my love for imagination. The Alice in wonderland for example.

 I'm not in love with that movie but I am in love with the idea. Her imagination was beyond what most people could think up. That's why I did that line. Sometimes it's humanity and how the world can sometimes crap on all over your face. Like my censored lines. There's yarn for people who would never say those things but they love that I have said it for them in the yarn. Plus it makes people laugh and that's what I'm really all about. Last but not least I see yarn in everything. Nature. My children's giggles, my mothers apple tree, my teenagers antics. Ok moving on...

How did I start dyeing my own yarn?

I owned a yarn shop and wanted to offer something no one else did. So I started doing my own and it was a top seller along with Malabrigo. After closing the shop I was asked by a yarn shop owner who had heard of my product to dye some for her shop and so I got back into dying and here we are today. I love it because I'm artsy by nature and I have made people happy, laugh til they pee their pants, or smile when they have been sad. Fiber arts is soothing to the soul.

New COLOR!!!!

What I have created believe it or not is therapeutic for some. I amazed how such a solitary activity like knitting brings people together, helps with depression and anxiety, and is perfect with those with out patience. For example, I'm a horrible person when I have to wait. We wait every where. In lines in Doctor offices in the car. I can not do it. So I knit. Knit and wait. Then it's not so bad.

What do I want people to know?

  I guess that I am not a big box store. That everything I do is directly connect to my life and that everything is hand done. I sell in yarn shops and online. I believe in shopping local and I support my local yarn shops. I'm a friendly happy easy going person.
New COLOR!!!
What am I working on now?
I'm knitting a Campside Shawl with this:

And in September I will be starting an Exploration Station shawl, there are kits available in my store.

What else I could glean, or more good stuff:

   How do you gets the fantastic red's you do?
   I mix purples, reds and pink to get the color of Witch Kiss. I don't use any measuring devices, just eye everything.
   I noticed with the Granny and the Wolf that the color change is short, that is something I haven't noticed before. I saw that in a few of your skeins, is it something you are aware of and try for?
 I did it on purpose. A lot of granny, and a little wolf. With unicorn apocalypse it's a lot of unicorn and a little apocalypse.
Yarn Review:
  I have the pixie toes version of Granny & the Wolf. The pixie toes is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. It is soft enough for me to have started the Nurmilintu shawl as soon as possible:
This yarn is sturdy enough that the yarn is not catching on anything and is honestly a joy to work with. The yarn was shipped quickly and the dyer is pretty quick in responding to any messages. I would definitely recommend this dyer and hope this blog post brings many sales to her website.

Check her out!!

Be Well!