Hall of Finished Projects 2016-All

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Fair, MKAL Spoiler, Double Knitting and Voila! Weekend Done!

This past weekend was a doozy, and I am completely proud of what I accomplished and do not feel bad for what I didn't accomplish. Depression was still hitting me really hard and my fatigue was kicking my heels every few minutes so damn I did good this weekend!

Saturday was a day full of Sunshine Fair fun! To be honest, I really was feeling very iffy about going on Saturday because it was supposed to start raining by 5pm and it didn't look so great even at noon. But.. my 8 and 4 year old were begging so badly that I caved and we went. It did sprinkled a few times but 3.5 hours later we left happy and with SUPER sore feet. Day two will be Friday. Yes, I did have my knitting with me :).

MKAL (Mystery Knit-A-Long) Spoiler:
Absolutely wiped out, I sat and finished clue 2 for the Philosopher's Stone MKAL (yarn is knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Thunderhead) and relaxed watching tv for the rest of the day (in between feeding the kids of course haha).   I absolutely adore the cable work on this shawl!!

Double Knitting fun:
After I finished that, I had decided to frog a double knitted shawl that I had been working on, which felt really good. I had put it in time out a month or more ago and it really wasn't something I wanted to work on. So I rescued the stitch markers I had placed every ten pairs of stitches and cast on the Celtic Dragon scarf (yarn is from craftsy.com Cloudborn Superwash Merino Sport Twist in Natural and Stormy Skies).

Funny thing about this project is that I always have to confirm that I know how to cast on the double knitting stitches. I'm not sure what it is about it haha. Are you curious?

I'm not sure why I'm a glutton for punishment, apparently I want to have more than one double knitting project going at a time, since the MKAL for School of Koi (yarn: knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Poppy Fields and Deep Water) starts on Friday. But that is me, so be it. Tania Richter is a genius with her double knitting patterns.

But now it is Monday, and I am so tired. It is raining and I'm a little achy and cranky. So be it. I will leave you with a good pictures of those mittens I finished in knitpicks.com stroll tonal Raven, And Then There Were Mitts. Pair two (two at a time this time) to be started tonight in Deep Water colorway, this time.

Heart is sore
Fingers are busy
Stitching it one by one.
Keep the mind focused
Because this soon will pass
And the sun will shine again.
Let the rain fall
Focus on this cable
Moving stitches around.
Feel it pass through
Yarn over here and there
And soon this pattern is done.

Be Well!
Jen Riley