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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Arts and Crafts Fairs are AWESOME!

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This past weekend was full of fun! It seems that I am scheduled for one arts and craft show a month and am doing fairly well at each! My friend Deb is selling her fantastic bags of all sizes and I am selling (primarily) my shawls.

My goal is to make two more items (at least) before the next event on October 8-9 at Wellington's Artisan/Craft Show. And more for another show for three days on November 18-20 (more info to come on this one). That will be it for me because it takes time to make these shawls.

The main project on my knitting needles is the Nurmilintu with the Granny and the Wolf yarn from A Whimsical Wool Yarn Co. in Pixie Toes. I am just adoring the wine-red colors mixed with the gray and a little pink that isn't too pink. Just wonderful!

Today's Awesome Quote:
"My bag needs to be cleaned out, it's starting to look less like a Mary Poppins bag and more like a homeless kind of bag."
I said this at Walgreen's today while searching for 1 dollar bills... Pretty sure the problem is all the receipts..
I did such a good job adulting today.
    1) I got the car inspection done during a long lunch (yay for
         knitting during this).
     2) Managed to get birthday candles for my daughter from
     3) And I am at work.
All on the first day of my period! I am so proud of me.
It is so nice to finally have my a good day of no particularly dark depressive thoughts (beyond the normal every day ones that make me cry, at least I don't want to hide in the bathroom at work now). The first day of my period is so nice because it is a lifting of the PMS symptoms of the past week that have been plaguing me. Switched with cramps, but I can treat those with advil haha.
I hope you all have a great week and hopefully I will have more to give you this Friday.
Be Well!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Whimsical Wood Yarn Co. Interview and Review

Facebook Page

Here is the first installment in a monthly (at least) edition of what Indie Dyer I have managed to get to reply to my pleas to do an interview. Again, I always also purchase yarn, this is not something I get anything for, so I am not bought haha.

I came across this woman and her yarn when she had posted her recent batch of Little Red Riding Hood colors and I became obsessed with the Granny & The Wolf, so I splurged and bought a skein.

She was kind enough to answer several questions and then a few more. So here is getting down to the knitty and gritty (get it? :P).

What inspires you?

What inspires my dyeing. Hmmm let's see. The answer to that is everything. Sometimes it is my children like in the little red riding hood line.
Granny & The Wolf
Sometimes it is my love for imagination. The Alice in wonderland for example.

 I'm not in love with that movie but I am in love with the idea. Her imagination was beyond what most people could think up. That's why I did that line. Sometimes it's humanity and how the world can sometimes crap on all over your face. Like my censored lines. There's yarn for people who would never say those things but they love that I have said it for them in the yarn. Plus it makes people laugh and that's what I'm really all about. Last but not least I see yarn in everything. Nature. My children's giggles, my mothers apple tree, my teenagers antics. Ok moving on...

How did I start dyeing my own yarn?

I owned a yarn shop and wanted to offer something no one else did. So I started doing my own and it was a top seller along with Malabrigo. After closing the shop I was asked by a yarn shop owner who had heard of my product to dye some for her shop and so I got back into dying and here we are today. I love it because I'm artsy by nature and I have made people happy, laugh til they pee their pants, or smile when they have been sad. Fiber arts is soothing to the soul.

New COLOR!!!!

What I have created believe it or not is therapeutic for some. I amazed how such a solitary activity like knitting brings people together, helps with depression and anxiety, and is perfect with those with out patience. For example, I'm a horrible person when I have to wait. We wait every where. In lines in Doctor offices in the car. I can not do it. So I knit. Knit and wait. Then it's not so bad.

What do I want people to know?

  I guess that I am not a big box store. That everything I do is directly connect to my life and that everything is hand done. I sell in yarn shops and online. I believe in shopping local and I support my local yarn shops. I'm a friendly happy easy going person.
New COLOR!!!
What am I working on now?
I'm knitting a Campside Shawl with this:

And in September I will be starting an Exploration Station shawl, there are kits available in my store.

What else I could glean, or more good stuff:

   How do you gets the fantastic red's you do?
   I mix purples, reds and pink to get the color of Witch Kiss. I don't use any measuring devices, just eye everything.
   I noticed with the Granny and the Wolf that the color change is short, that is something I haven't noticed before. I saw that in a few of your skeins, is it something you are aware of and try for?
 I did it on purpose. A lot of granny, and a little wolf. With unicorn apocalypse it's a lot of unicorn and a little apocalypse.
Yarn Review:
  I have the pixie toes version of Granny & the Wolf. The pixie toes is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. It is soft enough for me to have started the Nurmilintu shawl as soon as possible:
This yarn is sturdy enough that the yarn is not catching on anything and is honestly a joy to work with. The yarn was shipped quickly and the dyer is pretty quick in responding to any messages. I would definitely recommend this dyer and hope this blog post brings many sales to her website.

Check her out!!

Be Well!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Sick For A Week and Poetry

Last Wednesday, I got home from work feeling fine. I had experienced some dizziness during the week, and was pretty sure that I had messed up my eye earlier in the week with a mixture of lotion and something being stuck in my eye. But otherwise, I was feeling pretty good.

  Suddenly it was 8pm and I could not stand up. Just sitting there I was ridiculously dizzy and there started my week of illness. It turned out that I had developed viral pink-eye in both my eyes by Monday and on top of whatever virus was making me sick, I also had strep throat (without a sore throat, folks). Pretty sure my kids were trying to kill me (jk).

  This is the first time that I've been able to write anything and knitting has been very tough to do. My vision is still a little blurry in my left eye (I still think I injured it a little), and I am still dizzy. But slowly, things are getting better (way tooo slowly).

   I did actually get some knitting done (miracously). Most days I could not knit, and my right arm is starting to bother me.

With such high hopes, I did manage to finish one item for Ravellenics so far (3 days to go, so doubt any more will be finished.. though I should Frog my St. Brigid Sweater).

I finished the "And Then There Were Mitts" pair for my friend Kristina. The yarn was knitpicks.com Stroll Tonal in colorway Deep Water.

I did frog the "Trillixagon Shawl (with Tardis Variation)", just not happening.

Last night, I felt the need to cast on the Nurmilintu Shawl with the awesome yarn I received from A Whimsical Wood Yarn Co. called Granny & The Wolf. She was kind enough to answer a few questions so tomorrow I will highlight that interview and my opinions on the yarn (positive).

Squishy Delivery:

   I am so bad.. Celestial Strings torments me... See below tweedy yarn..

So much to share, I will have another post ready to go tomorrow of the joys of A Whimsical Wood Yarn Co. and her awesomeness. So be ready!
This is what I do,
Sit here and knit.
Sometimes I am happy
Sometimes I am sad,
But knitting grounds my spirit
And settles those around.
Have you noticed while you stitched?
The eyes that it draws?
How that quiet act can influence
Those around and close.
They find it confusing
They find it soothing
They sometimes wish they could join.
Their ancestor once did it
Sitting at a fire
And their bones, their blood, their cells
Remember this genetic memory.
Of dark falling quietly
No electric lights
Just a beautiful fire
And clicking late at night.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ravellenics/Olympics 2016: GAH!!!

Funny Story: I am so going to fail at the Ravellenics haha. But I don't care!!!!!!

End of Funny Story.

No, but seriously, I haven't frogged this big sweater (St. Brigid using Berroco Vintage in Brown):

I haven't finished these mittens (And Then There Were Mitts using knitpicks.com Stroll yarn in Deep Water):

But I have made decent progress into this shawl (Trillixagon shawl with Tardis Variation in Celestial Strings Twinkle Toes in Tardis):

I am plugging away, but have absolutely no hope. No hope I tell ya!

In other words and worlds:

   A decision has been made to highlight indie dyers each month. As I am full planning on actually purchasing a skein of yarn, and knitting with it, my budget only allows one a month haha. I will be answering such deep questions as:

 "What inspires your dyeing?"
 "What is the one thing that you would want people that buy your yarn to know?"
 "How did you get into dyeing your own yarn?"
"What are you knitting/crocheting now?"
"What is upcoming with your business?"
 And so much more!

Be well!



Thursday, August 4, 2016

Holy Cannoli! Ravellenics 2016.. My Kind Of Olympics!

Though it seems to have been a little downplayed this year, maybe less participating on ravelry.com, the Ravellenic Games 2016 start this Friday during opening ceremonies!! I am lucky enough to belong to far too many groups on ravelry, and Village Hopelessly Overcommitted  (Team HOC) is who I will be playing with online.

 The great thing about this is that some teams have their own prizes going, some Facebook groups are doing their own event along with it as well as prizes (or not). It's just a knitter and crocheter's way to add to the fun of the #riogames2016 . Admittedly, I will probably not watch as of much of the games as some people, but I work full time and do not get home until 6pm, then I have to make sure the kids are fed (and myself) and by 7pm maybe I can get around to watching something (if I'm not playing World of Warcraft like last night... haha).

What events are participating in?
Hats: #eventhat
(wow, no wonder they put event first, because then it would look like hatevent.. which looks like hate vent... I NEVER noticed that until just now! As it is, looks like "even that").
I am planning on making the Agathis hat, which is a free pattern. This will enter me into the laurelcable category too :).

How much fun does that look!!!!?

Shawls:  #eventshawl
Here I will be making a Dr. Who/Tardis shawl called Trillixagon Shawl/Tardis Variation and this time I have yarn picked out! Not sure how it will turn out, but some of the finished shawls were variegated so we will see! It is a Tardis colorway from Celestial Strings.

WIPs: #eventwips

Only 2 WIPs have even a possibility of being finished before the end of the Olympics.

One is the mittens I'm making called And Then There Were Mitts. This is the second pair I've made in the past two weeks haha.

The second WIP is a MKAL that is going along and has a possibility of being finished before the 22nd, so why not, right? It is the Philosopher's Stone MKAL (you've seen this picture before lol).


I will be lucky if I finish the mittens and one other thing haha. Life just happens, that is the way it is. I have the best of intentions.. But a MKAL also starts Friday for the School of Koi.. well it started today but I will cast on tomorrow. And I am enjoying the smaller scarf Celtic Dragon by the same designer. So yeah, I'm insane. Didn't you know? 

Be Well!

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Fair, MKAL Spoiler, Double Knitting and Voila! Weekend Done!

This past weekend was a doozy, and I am completely proud of what I accomplished and do not feel bad for what I didn't accomplish. Depression was still hitting me really hard and my fatigue was kicking my heels every few minutes so damn I did good this weekend!

Saturday was a day full of Sunshine Fair fun! To be honest, I really was feeling very iffy about going on Saturday because it was supposed to start raining by 5pm and it didn't look so great even at noon. But.. my 8 and 4 year old were begging so badly that I caved and we went. It did sprinkled a few times but 3.5 hours later we left happy and with SUPER sore feet. Day two will be Friday. Yes, I did have my knitting with me :).

MKAL (Mystery Knit-A-Long) Spoiler:
Absolutely wiped out, I sat and finished clue 2 for the Philosopher's Stone MKAL (yarn is knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Thunderhead) and relaxed watching tv for the rest of the day (in between feeding the kids of course haha).   I absolutely adore the cable work on this shawl!!

Double Knitting fun:
After I finished that, I had decided to frog a double knitted shawl that I had been working on, which felt really good. I had put it in time out a month or more ago and it really wasn't something I wanted to work on. So I rescued the stitch markers I had placed every ten pairs of stitches and cast on the Celtic Dragon scarf (yarn is from craftsy.com Cloudborn Superwash Merino Sport Twist in Natural and Stormy Skies).

Funny thing about this project is that I always have to confirm that I know how to cast on the double knitting stitches. I'm not sure what it is about it haha. Are you curious?

I'm not sure why I'm a glutton for punishment, apparently I want to have more than one double knitting project going at a time, since the MKAL for School of Koi (yarn: knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Poppy Fields and Deep Water) starts on Friday. But that is me, so be it. Tania Richter is a genius with her double knitting patterns.

But now it is Monday, and I am so tired. It is raining and I'm a little achy and cranky. So be it. I will leave you with a good pictures of those mittens I finished in knitpicks.com stroll tonal Raven, And Then There Were Mitts. Pair two (two at a time this time) to be started tonight in Deep Water colorway, this time.

Heart is sore
Fingers are busy
Stitching it one by one.
Keep the mind focused
Because this soon will pass
And the sun will shine again.
Let the rain fall
Focus on this cable
Moving stitches around.
Feel it pass through
Yarn over here and there
And soon this pattern is done.

Be Well!
Jen Riley