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Friday, July 15, 2016

My Obsession with the Mystery Knit A Long

Yup, I am obsessed with mystery knit a longs(mkal). I love to do them, especially for designers that I've done before and know have less problems.

One that starts next week (was postponed from today), is The Philosopher's Stone by Erica Jackofsky. I have done two other patterns by her (via mkal), such as Earth and Water.

The other one that I am looking forward to is a double knitting pattern, 2016 Epic Autumnal MKAL - School of Koi by Tania Richter (who is amazing at designing fantastical double knitting designs). I have completed her an mkal she hosted at the beginning of the year, Born of Fire, which I talked about a great deal on here.

There are always so many patterns that I want to do, and I love the details that fingering weight yarn is able to provide, such as the grace and flow from projects that are knit in fingering weight yarn. But it takes sooo much longer!

What is your favorite weight of yarn, and why? Please comment below, I will also post question in the Facebook page post.

In other news, I made it 1100 miles (saving money) to get tires replaced, three out of four had cracks in them, they get fixed tonight. Still need to save money for a fridge that is breaking down and a stove in which the oven stopped working.

On top of all of that, I need to get the supplies for a wall type to hang shawls for sale on in bazaars I enjoy doing. I was thinking of something garden terrace-like with hinges.. Something tall, but that I can make pretty long. I can add shawls on both sides.. maybe.

Either way, lots in the planning.

I need to get my kids out of the house this weekend, and myself as well.

As for the shawl I am working on currently, circular (kind of haha), is Pandora by Anniken Allis, and I am making fantastic progress. I am planning on putting in a lifeline after the last repeat for one of the charts before the border chart and see if I can fit in another row or two, depending on how much yarn I have :). The bigger the better!!

Look! Color change is finally happening! 
  Trying to follow along on this fantastic Keep Calm Craft On group that I have started to follow, kind of a blog following of crafters. So check them out! 

Be well, folks, deep breaths and let's take it one day at a time. Still functioning depressed here. What about you?