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Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello Russia! Projects and MKAL Spoilers (warning)

   Funny story, for the first time that I have ever observed, Russia has taken over views over the past week over USA for my blog. So here is my resounding:

Привет мой друг!!
(hello my friend.. at least I hope it says that!)

   This picture isn't true, I did buy some yarn this week. Some of you may remember that I had finished a beautiful double knitted scarf with a dragon and a phoenix on it by Tania Richter in the beginning of the year. This August, she has a new MKAL ready for us called 2016 Epic Autumnal MKAL - School of KOI, which I know that I have mentioned at least once before on this page.

  These are the colors and yarns that I chose: knitpicks.com Stroll Tonal in Poppy Fields and Deep Waters (fingering weight).

   Also, the Philosopher's Stone MKAL by Erica Jackofsky started this past Saturday, and I was also using knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Thunderhead (fingering weight). Here is clue 1:

  I also was working hard on a pair of fingerless mittens, because I was on this big cable kick. And Then There Were Mitts by Maureen Folds is a lovely pattern and I am knitting them up in (did you guess it?) knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Raven (fingering).

  So yeah, there seems to be a trend here. Let me put up some disclaimers:

1) I am not affiliated with knitpicks in any way.
2) I do not get paid by them or get free yarn.
3) I am just a fan of their prices, and the softness of their stroll yarn (so in love).

   Would I love to get yarn from indie dyers all the time? Yup. But funds being what they are? Not going to happen. The double knitted scarf above alone takes 1600 yards.. That would be a huge amount of money. I also favor tonals and solids, which lend more towards detailed work such as lace and cables.

   My oldest daughter was sick with a fever and headache this past weekend, so I did get a great deal of knitting done while watching over her while she slept (poor baby).

  Here is to hoping this week is filled with happiness and wonders!

Stitch while we watch
As our ancestors once did.
Stitch in the evening
After the day has wound down.
Stitch a little love
For our little ones in our care.
Stitch for our sanity
Otherwise husbands beware.