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Thursday, July 28, 2016

What Have I Done!?

I finished "And Then There Were Mitts"! :) At least one pair, will get yarn for a second pair, in blue, that were requested on Tuesday (though this time two at a time haha). Just adore this pattern!! (Need to get a better camera to take pictures with, I apologize!).

For the time being, I'm back to my Tracery vest, almost done with the ribbing around the waist, only half an inch left!! Then I can get started on the stained glass colorwork. :)

I must tell you that knitpicks.com has a new collection that has me drooling!!! Creative Color: 2016 Fair Isle Collection. I absolutely adore the Londonderry Jacket, but everything in the collection is droolworthy and I want it soo badly. Maybe I will get it and enough yarn for one of the projects once I get paid for some freelance technical editing work I did.

Just love the patterns, go check it out!

In other news, my county fair starts this weekend. This year I did not enter in the knitting competition, no particular reason besides too much stress to consider it. So will be going to just have fun with my kids, who enjoy the rides. The fair folks do not put enough benches out by the rides (maybe one?) so I am hoping I can get in with my outdoor folding chair (wish me luck).

With my outdoor folding chair, I can sit and knit, while my kids go through the funhouse 11 times like they normally do haha.

To add to my list, perhaps I should get busy picking sweater patterns for my daughters, Christmas/school year type of present. Any suggestions? My arm pain shall not get in my way!!!

Be Well!
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello Russia! Projects and MKAL Spoilers (warning)

   Funny story, for the first time that I have ever observed, Russia has taken over views over the past week over USA for my blog. So here is my resounding:

Привет мой друг!!
(hello my friend.. at least I hope it says that!)

   This picture isn't true, I did buy some yarn this week. Some of you may remember that I had finished a beautiful double knitted scarf with a dragon and a phoenix on it by Tania Richter in the beginning of the year. This August, she has a new MKAL ready for us called 2016 Epic Autumnal MKAL - School of KOI, which I know that I have mentioned at least once before on this page.

  These are the colors and yarns that I chose: knitpicks.com Stroll Tonal in Poppy Fields and Deep Waters (fingering weight).

   Also, the Philosopher's Stone MKAL by Erica Jackofsky started this past Saturday, and I was also using knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Thunderhead (fingering weight). Here is clue 1:

  I also was working hard on a pair of fingerless mittens, because I was on this big cable kick. And Then There Were Mitts by Maureen Folds is a lovely pattern and I am knitting them up in (did you guess it?) knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Raven (fingering).

  So yeah, there seems to be a trend here. Let me put up some disclaimers:

1) I am not affiliated with knitpicks in any way.
2) I do not get paid by them or get free yarn.
3) I am just a fan of their prices, and the softness of their stroll yarn (so in love).

   Would I love to get yarn from indie dyers all the time? Yup. But funds being what they are? Not going to happen. The double knitted scarf above alone takes 1600 yards.. That would be a huge amount of money. I also favor tonals and solids, which lend more towards detailed work such as lace and cables.

   My oldest daughter was sick with a fever and headache this past weekend, so I did get a great deal of knitting done while watching over her while she slept (poor baby).

  Here is to hoping this week is filled with happiness and wonders!

Stitch while we watch
As our ancestors once did.
Stitch in the evening
After the day has wound down.
Stitch a little love
For our little ones in our care.
Stitch for our sanity
Otherwise husbands beware.


Friday, July 22, 2016

When Friday is just Sad..

Today is a rough day. Over the past year and a half, there has been a lovely young lady at my work who delighted me our shared sense of goofy humor, our love of knitting, our enjoyment of just plain being silly sometimes. It is good to be silly sometimes. But today is her last day, and she will soon jet off to school in London (jealous and so proud haha), I will miss her dearly and am fully planning on crying at 4pm when she leaves.

  Also, one of my favorite local yarn stores is Trumpet Hill Fine Yarns and Accessories in Albany, NY. Ruth Rich was a lovely touchstone that I always felt blessed to see when I managed to stop by, which was and is far too rare for my tastes. Her English accent and sweet demeanor was always a treat and she was someone I always looked forward to seeing.

  Between these two events, I seem to be crying a great deal today.

  This week I also completely frogged the Pandora shawl by Anniken Allis. I absolutely screwed up chart D, there was no fixing it.


Crafting a New Song:
  But last night I went to the local Arts in the Park in my little hometown and saw Sara Milonovich (aka Daisycuttter), who was just fantastic. Really a lovely show and I just wished I hadn't sat so close to the creek (damn tiny flies haha). Next week is Hair of the Dog (celtic rock!!! :) ). I am looking forward to it big time!

   I definitely could not just sit there and do nothing while listening to music, so I started a fingerless mitten called "And Then There Were Mitts" by Maureen Folds. I am using knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Raven colorway, and really enjoying the cables!

   The Philosopher's Stone MKAL started today, and I am ready with needle and yarn (knitpicks.com stroll tonal in Thunderhead) but am working without a knitting lunch today, so cannot start it quite yet. Definitely feeling the need for some cables.

Other News:
  It can be very hard to function successfully when one suffers from chronic depression and anxiety. Especially when so often other people's needs have to come first. It is hard to find even one day that is not work or kid related, because once you get home it is all kids haha. Self-care is so easy to say, but so hard to put into practice when you are getting pulled into so many directions.

  This is why I knit. I knit because it is my brain break from the thoughts I do not want to feed. It is how I meditate. It is how I start to breath even when I am surrounded by others and their pain.

Keep on stitching
As each stitch is a breath
Each row is time passing
Passing us through the waves
The top of the waves are good times
The bottom, are when we struggle.
But keep on knitting
Keep on crocheting
Move the fingers along
And focus on each stitch
As it goes along.

Be Well!


Friday, July 15, 2016

My Obsession with the Mystery Knit A Long

Yup, I am obsessed with mystery knit a longs(mkal). I love to do them, especially for designers that I've done before and know have less problems.

One that starts next week (was postponed from today), is The Philosopher's Stone by Erica Jackofsky. I have done two other patterns by her (via mkal), such as Earth and Water.

The other one that I am looking forward to is a double knitting pattern, 2016 Epic Autumnal MKAL - School of Koi by Tania Richter (who is amazing at designing fantastical double knitting designs). I have completed her an mkal she hosted at the beginning of the year, Born of Fire, which I talked about a great deal on here.

There are always so many patterns that I want to do, and I love the details that fingering weight yarn is able to provide, such as the grace and flow from projects that are knit in fingering weight yarn. But it takes sooo much longer!

What is your favorite weight of yarn, and why? Please comment below, I will also post question in the Facebook page post.

In other news, I made it 1100 miles (saving money) to get tires replaced, three out of four had cracks in them, they get fixed tonight. Still need to save money for a fridge that is breaking down and a stove in which the oven stopped working.

On top of all of that, I need to get the supplies for a wall type to hang shawls for sale on in bazaars I enjoy doing. I was thinking of something garden terrace-like with hinges.. Something tall, but that I can make pretty long. I can add shawls on both sides.. maybe.

Either way, lots in the planning.

I need to get my kids out of the house this weekend, and myself as well.

As for the shawl I am working on currently, circular (kind of haha), is Pandora by Anniken Allis, and I am making fantastic progress. I am planning on putting in a lifeline after the last repeat for one of the charts before the border chart and see if I can fit in another row or two, depending on how much yarn I have :). The bigger the better!!

Look! Color change is finally happening! 
  Trying to follow along on this fantastic Keep Calm Craft On group that I have started to follow, kind of a blog following of crafters. So check them out! 

Be well, folks, deep breaths and let's take it one day at a time. Still functioning depressed here. What about you?

Monday, July 11, 2016

What a RELIEF!

In the past, I've spoken about how life is like the ocean waves. Sometimes, we're at the peak and everything is good, sometimes, we're in the trough and life is rough while we try to figure out how to keep our head above water. And sometimes life is just in between, while we wait to see what happens next or what opportunities we can take advantage of.

  Friday, a friend of mine and I sold our knitted and sewn wares at a 4 hour event, with occasional sprinkles, and I managed to sell two shawls. Well, I must say that it seemed as if they sold themselves.

  Pretty sure that I am still in shock, though. Here are some photos from the event:

All of my shawls in a rows, next time we are planning to use lattice walls! :)

Everything in it's place haha, please come in!!

   The evening was really lovely, with a band setting up in the last hour that was great fun to sing along with from my spot in the red chair far away enough that the base didn't hurt my ears. :) Mike and the Monsters were great fun!

  I really am grateful for the upswings, they help me deal with the downswings.

  The rest of my weekend was filled with not enough housework (ask my husband) and a great deal of technical editing of some crochet patterns as well as some World of Warcraft and knitting.

  Still knitting away on the Tracery Vest by Kathleen Sperling in Knitpicks.com Chroma fingering in Avalon and Black.

Also started the Pandora shawl by Anniken Allis to go with my Blush gradient yarn from Yarnenabler on etsy! I cannot wait to change colors!
What are you up to this week? I hope I can finally get my tires fixed!
Be Well!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What to Not Talk About, and Knitting

In my family of origin (definition linked), we did not talk about mental health issues. But I made this blog in an effort to break the silence. And even the word "issues" I take to task. I have battled depression since I was 8 years old, and as I am turning 36 this year and still battle it (especially yesterday and today), I doubt that it is ever going away.

  But why should I be ashamed? I took my kids out to the park yesterday, even though I REALLY didn't want too. I managed to not lay on the couch and sleep this weekend, even though that is what I wanted to do (maybe I played a little too much World of Warcraft lol). Actually, I didn't sleep in at all, haha, but I did sure my kids are safe, healthy, fed, as well as loved and cuddled, so I'm doing pretty good. (This is me giving myself some compassion and a break lol.)

  I am not ashamed that once a month my hormones (about two weeks before my period) remind me that I cannot fight off those feelings anymore and keep myself as mindful and busy. Sometimes I have to sit back and give myself a break and instead of fighting them, relax my chest, let myself cry and allow myself to feel what I need to feel without clinging to it and letting it pass (kind of like the Dune "Fear is the Mindkiller" quote). Sometimes I cry all the way to work, and that is okay too.

  But I am looking forward. I will pull myself together enough to do the four hour bazaar I am selling at this Friday and that also means a short week at work. Though, sometimes work makes me pull energy up and work it. I work with good people too.

  What I have been doing is working on the Tracery Vest by Kathleen Sperling, the pattern I have is from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, Special Issue 2013. This is a wonderful ebook of patterns that I cannot suggest enough.

On a last note, I did add a page to my blog, and next year will make a new page to highlight each finished object for each year. I will leave the page I have now up as all of the past years. I am planning on labeling each picture with a link of what the pattern is, but that will take some time.

Have a fantastic week, I hope you had a great fourth of July weekend. If you are fighting depression like I am, keep your head up and remember that it always passes. So keep moving forward, do not surrender and tread that water.

Much love!