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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Knitting and Crocheting Goal Setting, Addiction or Hoarding?

  It has been a very long time since I have hid the fact that I suffer from depression and anxiety. Having no thyroid (removed due to cancer in 2010) has definitely not helped with the fatigue that can hit you with having no thyroid.

  Something I absolutely LOVE about knitting and crocheting is the fact that they give you goals. One of the most efficient ways to keep yourself from dwelling on the negative thoughts that will arise from depression and/or anxiety is to 1) keep yourself occupied (knitting and crocheting are GREAT for this) and 2) have short term and long term goals.

When we buy a skein of yarn, we're not JUST hoarding (hehe), we're planning and getting materials for short term (a project we are going to start asap) and long term (the yarn is soo pretty we just know we will use it for something, eventually) goals.

This type of planning can get insane and chaotic, creating it's own problems haha.

My ravelry.com account has the following pattern stats:

2,155 favorites
114 Books (physical)
58 Magazines
1,254 Single Patterns


Yarn-wise.. I'm not sure. I have a ridiculous stash that I have gone through and enveloped all wool skeins and hanks in sealed plastic bags for protection. I would say that it is safe to say that I have around 250 skeins and hanks of yarn. Seriously. It's stupid. It's probably more, I'm not sure. I want to get some smaller bins from Walmart (I have the stupid long ones that do not fit anywhere neatly with my new bed). Once I get those I can take pictures and add them to my stash on ravelry (GOAL here!).

Having written all of this, I feel as if I have a mixture of Healthy Goal Setting, Addiction and Level 1 (to maybe a touch of Level 2) Hoarding hehe. My house is cluttered, though to be honest, my kids make 75% of the mess. I swear they are like little vacuum cleaners that leak crumbs out the corner of their mouths onto the carpet haha. I should teach them how to use the little hand vacuums! (What a good idea!) And they certainly do not play with all of the toys they have, I need to downsize that population this summer!!!

My life right now is chaotic, stressful, and my mother recently left the hospital. So I'm being a little forgiving for myself because I am exhausted, way more tired than I have let on to anyone (except you folks haha). But as with anything, this too shall pass.

So let's keep our heads up, keep setting knitting and crocheting goals (if nothing else) because in my case, it is quite likely that I will not be able to make every pattern (and I add new ones all the time, especially free ones). But hey, at least I have goals :P.