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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Squishy Mail and What It Will Be

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  I am falling behind in trying to finish off the Outlander/Dragonfly final clue, so I will bring you up to date on that and the Game of Thrones (Godswood of Winterfell) as soon as I have something to share.

  This summer, I am determined to finish some Works in Progress (WIPs) and only do two MKALs: Seasons (which started today and my yarn from Yarnenabler is going to arrive soon, there be a whole blog post on just her yarn!) and possibly the Philospher's Stone in July.

Squishy Delivery:
  In the meantime, I got lucky with some extra cash and spent in unwisely on the knitpicks.com swish sale!

  So here is today's story.

  I brought the box with me, because I didn't have time to open it last night (husband sick and kids needed everything lol. I was also working hard on the Outlander shawl). So in my car, after grabbing some breakfast I decided to open the box :).

   Inside, my eyes were happy in the love colors inside. Much more subdued than some prefer, but much in line with my own tastes. There are three projects in this box and I look forward to each of them.

Squishy Mail Project 1: First I have Chroma, which is my first ever for that yarn, and it is nice and soft. The pattern it will complete is the following vest: Tracery by Kathleen Sperling.

  Definitely planning on making it long enough for me to be comfortable under a shirt almost exactly like that.

Squishy Mail Project 2: Next I have a sweater that I have been eyeing for so long. I could use tweedy Rowan yarn, but knitpicks.com is so much more affordable. Portree Sweater by Martin Storey (such a fan of his).

   Been eyeing this sweater for a few years..

Squishy Mail Project 3: This one is a xmas gift. Since the Havens Crocheted Blanket Throw is going to my mother-in-law early as part of a care package (almost done), they still need a christmas gift. So here it is :). Partridge Holiday Pillow by Celeste Young.

  All in all, a good trio of projects to work on this summer. Definitely a theme going on as I seem to really enjoy colorwork and lace shawls (really want to finish large ones).

  Unfortunately, moments after these lovely pictures were taken I locked my keys, bag, cell phone, wallet and all knitting projects in my car. 2 hours later, Progressive roadside assistance came to my rescue. :P

  I hope all of your weeks have gone better than mine, I need a vacation hehe. Maybe just a mental health day. Maybe I'm just done adulating for the day!

Be Well!