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Thursday, May 5, 2016

*Spoilers* Game of Thrones & Outlander Episodes and MKALs

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Sorry for the late post, I had a few shocks this week. It's been a rough week.

Game of Thrones Episode:

  Tyrion rocks and Jon Snow is alive. End of recap. Nothing else needs to be said. :P.

Outlander/Dragonfly Episode:
   Poor Mary, what heart wrenching scenes. At least Jamie and Claire are doing more than sharing a bed again!

Game of Thrones (Godswood of Winterfell) MKAL:

   I just love this yarn.. It is much bigger than this picture now, but the pattern is exactly the same, so that was admittedly a little less exciting than the first clue haha. Pretty sure that I have decided to NOT use beads as I think it is busy enough as it is, though once it is blocked out it will look lovely.

  A tip on lace knitting, sometimes you may be knitting along and you suddenly realize that something is wrong with the count. What you do is go back on the rows below and see if you missed a yarn over, and pick it up :). Once I also did a k3tog and I wasn't supposed to, so I simply did a knit instead of a k2tog on the next lace row. Everything is fixable, and it is JUST yarn and sticks, and we can do it!

Outlander/Dragonfly MKAL:

     I do believe that I need to focus my knitting attentions on larger shawls, they just interest me more haha, though I do like the patterning in this shawl. The next clue is another cable in the brown that I have not started, will likely start during lunch though.

   Pretty sure this shawl will be long and rather thin. The cables and patterned stitches of this shawl eat up more yarn than normal for a shawl. But we will see, one more clue to go! And many more episodes.

Wrapping it Up:
   This week has been absolutely crazy. We received bad news in threes over the last week and staying strong is tough sometimes. Luckily I have two little lovebugs in the form of daughters who both drive me crazy and make me happier than I've ever been.

  Anyone else looking forward to Captain America: Civil War?

Be Well!