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Friday, May 27, 2016

Slowing Down and Organizing

I want to do everything...

I want to knit every pretty pattern I see, crochet every pretty pattern.. Ravelry is a rainbow hole of loveliness haha.

  That being said, I only have two hands, on top of two lovely daughters who deserve my attention and a full time job (and I'm trying to fit planking into my morning and runs on the weekend lol).

Even with all of that, I feel I still am able to fit knitting in, as it is a great stress reducer. I knit during lunch and in between feeding my kids dinner and getting them to bed at night, as well as knitting as much as possible over the weekend.

  But my anxiety, lately, has gotten the best of me, along with a bit of depression, which has generally receded with my period having passed (but it will be back haha). So I am taking steps to battle this.

One thing that is stressing me out, oddly enough, is all the knitting I want to do. I need to focus my knitting on less projects and not let my startitis get the best of me.

  To help with this, I ordered the Panda Planner, cringing at the price of $25.97 through amazon.com, but it is the cheapest planner/organizer on the market with inspiration/organization I am looking for. It will help me prioritize what knitting projects I want to focus on to finish, keep thinking positively, organize my day so I get a certain amount of writing in (wishful author here), and plan ahead.

Good stuff for my knitting world!!

Also picking up on a Tai Chi class on Thursday, starting next month (woot!).

Some tips I try to focus on while knitting or crocheting to slow down and de-stress?

  1) Breath deeper. It is so easy to not notice how fast we breath, and our breathing speeds up the more stressed out we are. So with each stitch, be aware of how fast your breath is and try to slow it down. I cannot take non-stop deep breaths without getting dizzy eventually, but you can breath slower and through your stomach, rather than your shoulders.

  2) Pick no more than two projects to work on a time that you need to finish for whatever reason. Perhaps they are gifts? I know I have a knitted baby blanket I need to finish for a woman due in 6 weeks.. Crap!! And a friend was recently diagnosed with cancer so I need to crochet a shawl for her..

  3) Make sure you are not too hard on yourself if you make mistakes in your knitting or crocheting. It is just yarn and sticks or a hook lol. Slowly, this attitude is bleeding into the rest of my life, but not quickly lol. Be kind to yourself!

Take care of yourself everyone!

Be who you are inside and be kind. No one is angry at their core or miserable. We all have had events that scarred and bruised us until we are angry or bitter at times, but we are still neither happy nor sad at our center, in our soul. We are just being.