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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Three Non-MKAL's I'm Working On

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  I know. I KNOW! I am a serial crafter. I cannot stop myself from having way too many projects going (and this isn't the two pairs of socks... shh). These three, plus the two mystery knit a longs make a total of 5 (not including the two pairs of socks.. shh).
  Anywho, when I finish the clues for the other folks, this is what I work on.
      This is actually a really nice and relaxing to work on around the other, more complicated, patterns. It is the same stitches and is very simple (for me as an old hand at these stitches). Only 3 rows away from starting the Marlin color (the sea blue), so exciting to change colors (I am so easily amused).
     The yarn I'm using is knitpicks.com Comfy Sport in colorways: Ivory, Parchment and Marlin.
2) Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot
       This is a very simple blanket, though I suggest using stitch markers so you don't have to count in between increases and decreases. The pattern is free, which is wonderful. The only change I made is that the picture appears to have M1R and M1L's instead of the YO's written into the pattern, so that is what I did and I am very pleased with the result.
  The yarn I am using is again knitpicks.com (very affordable!) Brava worsted in colorways: Peapod, Alfalfa, and Cream. Ten rows of each color for this effect, though I can see having gone to 15 rows instead.
3) #25 Winged Triangle Shawl by Tania Richter
         Only 5 rows done.. But the cast on was over 300 pairs (not a free pattern so no specifics). Each row is taking so long that I am enjoying the decreases at each end haha. Just to give you an idea, below is what it looks like in the magazine (Vogue Knitting, Fall 2015). Just 3 rows to go and I can start the doubleknitting colorwork! It is top down, so phew! :)
       This designer is also the one who designed the Born of Fire MKAL, which I finished last month.
        I'm using yarn I bought on sale from craftsy.com a few months ago called Cloudborn Fibers Superwash Merino Sport Twist in colorways Stormy Skies and Natural.
   Those are the three projects I'm bouncing between while I'm not working on the two MKAL's. Which so wonderfully gave me a number 3 to present to my fine readers this week. I wonder what I will be able to present three of for you next week? Any ideas?
   I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the weather warming up (if you are in the northern hemisphere). Take care of yourselves and get some fresh air, even if you have trouble getting sun like I do (migraine inducing if taken in too large doses). Today, my self care plan is to visit a local yarn store Trumpet Hill in Albany, NY today. See you there!
Be Well!