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Monday, April 25, 2016

*Spoilers* Game of Thrones AND Outlander Episode and MKAL's

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Game of Thrones Episode:

   So yes, spoiler alert, it appears that Jon Snow is really dead. Daenerys is going to end up hanging out with the other Khaleesi widows, if her dragon doesn't rescue her again. Tyrion has his work cut out for him in trying to keep Mereen together. Arya is really blind, and is being taught to fight with a stick, which makes sense and will make her a better fighter (in my opinion). And annoying Sansa gets two hero's, in the form of Theon and Brienne.


  That episode was a doozy!

Outlander Episode:

  Finally! Fergus!! :) He was a favorite of mine in the books and I am very happy with who they chose to play him.

  I know, time period being what it is, but I do not blame Claire for sticking to her guns about finding a useful outlet for her skills, and a place to learn more. Being pregnant does put her at more risk, but still, go Claire for sticking up for what she needs! And how about turning the tables on Jamie, she spends her nights waiting up for him and though she has Murtagh with her, he is furious with her for keeping him waiting. Selfish. But he is young and he learns in the future books (see, spoiler haha).

Godswood of Winterfell Clue 1:
   New idea/skills on this shawl? First of all, the long garter tab. This was a very long tab with a lot of pick-ups, but I have had experience doing this before so it wasn't such a big deal. That being said, here are some resources for those of you who have not done a garter tab before: Picture Link.


      This shawl has a lovely center panel and side triangles that expand, which is a new make up for me for a shawl (and I LOVE it!). The yarn for the shawl, Bittersweet Woolery Guilty Pleasure, is so soft but a little variegated. I have two skeins of it so I am alternating skeins every two rows (only forgot to do this once haha). I'm loving the effects of the color splashes, and it reminds me very much of the white walkers so it works for me. Cannot decide whether to use red beads, which are optional. What do you think?

Outlander/Dragonfly Clue 3:

     Not done with clue 3 yet, because (I am admitting) I took apart the shawl back to the end of clue one. The third clue revealed to me that my loving k2tog tbl (through back loop) that creates a beautiful border does not match the other side of the braid, so I took it apart. Here is a picture of it with the border:

     Otherwise, the second section is fun, though I will admit that I am concerned about yarn usage and plan on weight my yarn tonight. These kind of stitches tend to use more yarn (braids and slipped stitches) and create a dense fabric, which is fine, but may create a smaller shawl. I have extra in these colors when I was considering making the mystery crochet a long (and have since completely changed my mind). We will see, but it is a growing concern.

What do you think?

How are things going with your mystery knit a longs for Outlander and Game of Thrones?

Which ones are you doing?

Take care!!