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Monday, April 11, 2016

*Spoiler* Outlander MKAL and Episode Discussion

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Episode Blather:
   Again, spoilers!

  This episode was very satisfying, and I must say did start just like the books. Some questions were going around about whether the television show was very much like the books, and I will state here again that for the most part they have been exactly like the books.

   Season 2 is based off of Dragonfly in Amber (by Diana Gabaldon of course) and I must admit that this particular book in the series was the hardest to get into of all of them. To be honest, she seems to have gotten better as the series of books as gone on, so kudos to you Mrs. Gabaldon! This book does go back and forth a little bit and is confusing in the beginning because we were left off with a big gap (the time they spent in France).

  For my part, I'm glad that this book has been made into a movie, and I look forward to enjoying every moment of it. I cringed with Claire, when her kind husband tried to be happy to see her, only to have her draw away because of how much he looks like his ancestor (I have read all the books so I will say nothing more on that account).

  Claire truly is one of the strongest individuals, you may notice I do not say woman. Because if a man was making her choices there would be no thought about it, but because she is a woman I caught myself thinking about how manipulative. But she truly is doing the best she can.

   I was watching the last 45 minutes of "Left Nothing Unsaid", which was a documentary by Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt. Something she said reminded me very much of Claire. "Life is like a tight-rope walk, we do our best to not fall off." "Life is tragedy, and once we accept that we can life." (any errors in quoting Gloria are my memory).

  Seeing Gloria's thousand yard, mournful, stare made me very sad, but in terms of Outlander I can see how Claire is always just trying to make the best of what is flopped in front of her and in terms of her skill. I couldn't imagine knowing all that I do and being dropped 200 years in the past.

  Anyway, Jamie is still suffering from the effects of being raped by Black Randall. Claire is trying to stop the rebellion to save lives and change the future, one tactic she uses is reminiscent of Dougal MacKenzie, when he bares Jamie's back to show the pain he has suffered at the hands of the English.

   In the future again, Claire has to come to terms with being trapped back in her own time, pregnant with Jamie's baby and married to someone who looks exactly like Black Randall.


Clue 1 Done!

   I am waiting on a single skein of yarn to start the MCAL, but I did start the MKAL, much to my happiness. The pattern was fun and I only had to restart the cast on once! :)

  The yarn I am using is knitpicks.com stroll tonal yarn in colorways Kindling (no longer carried) and Thunderhead for both projects. The Thunderhead colorway is much darker than I anticipated, but the subtle changes are nice, I think, and I can definitely see the plaid look they are going for.

  To be honest, from the spoiler photos I've seen of the crochet version, I may just wait until more is revealed before committing, because I don't like it. Push comes to shove, I could always do a large filet triangle and weave the colors through to create my own shawl... What do you think? :)
Happy Monday, and keep your head up. I am going to make an honest effort to not complain at all today. State facts, but not carry on and complain about anything or anyone. Wish me luck!!
Be Well!