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Monday, April 18, 2016

*Spoiler* Outlander Episode and MKAL

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Episode Run-Down:

   As usual, they both looked fantastic. I was hoping to get a glimpse of Fergus in the Brothel when Jamie met with the Bonnie Prince Charles (what a fop). Even if Charles managed to succeed in the rebellion, what honest Scot that met him would want to follow him? I know I wouldn't have, though my ancestors had a habit of staying in Scotland, leaving, going back, and leaving again during the entire 1700's (go Campbell clan!).

   I felt for Jamie and Claire when he couldn't have sexual relations without seeing Black Randall and having a flashback. Very well done, in terms of what it can be like, and very cringe-worthy. And I remembered from the books a more violent reply from Jamie over Claire being accosted at the party, though the apology was wonderful.

  The pooping scene was hilarious and ridiculous (let's watch the king not be able to poop during a party!!) hehe. And the moment Claire discovers Black Randall is alive was very well done.

Dragonfly MKAL:

  It happened again, I changed something in the pattern. This clue is a cable going along the live stitches (will be fun to pick up the next stitches haha), and the join was a k2tog. I'm sorry, it looks messy to me, so I did a k2tog tbl (through the back loop), which creates a neat seam. You can see in the other pictures on the spoiler thread in ravelry what it looks like the other way. Perhaps mine creates more of an obvious border, but so does creating a line of cables suddenly haha. I'm good with mine, though not finished.

 Be well, folks.