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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Outlander: Dragonfly MKAL/MCAL 2016 (And GoT is coming...) Countdown!!

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This weekend is the beginning of another rash of MKAL/MCAL's that are starting!! Who else is joining me?   I have been under a lot of stress lately, and I have come to the conclusion that these dates of pleasure give me something to look forward too. As each clue is released and I complete it successfully, it feels like an exam I aced and I cannot help but be proud of myself.

  First, we have the Outlander/Dragonfly MKAL/MCAL (both) that is starting this weekend, though I do not think I will be able to start the mystery crochet along this weekend as I am missing half a color (but it will arrive next week I'm sure, yay knitpicks). I am looking forward to the fun stitches I anticipate will be present for both versions, though mine will look a little different from those who purchase their yarn from Jimmy Bean Wool, I am using the same colorways for both the knitting and crocheted versions from knitpicks.com:

 This past Sunday was a fun day to wind the skeins for the MKAL into cakes in preparation. I also wound skeins into cakes for the Game of Thrones that Donna Carruth is doing called The Godswood of Winterfell MKAL . I know that Jimmy Bean Wool is having one, but unfortunately their Queen of Thorns MKAL does not lend to substituting yarn (which I do not blame them for at all, sales after all). It requires a gradient of mini's with a solid normal sized skein, it is just not in my present yarn budget to buy their kit.

  For The Godswood of Winterfell MKAL, I will be using yarn I earned while working at Rhinebeck this past fall for Bittersweet Woolery (which I believe has been on it's way to closing every since). This yarn is so scrumptious!

   So to lay them out:

April 9th starts the Outlander/Dragonfly (now called) MKAL/MCAL

April 24th starts the Game of Thrones MKAL - The Godswood of Winterfell MKAL

What are you going to join me in crafting? :)

Be Well!!