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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Top Three Knitting Failures

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I wish I had a picture of my very first hat.. I mean bag.. I mean hat.. Well, it was this big thing that I knit and it was supposed to be a hat but turned into a bag because I used the wrong yarn, probably the wrong needles too. Go figure haha.

  We've all had them, those projects that for one reason or another just didn't work out. Maybe you were like me and even went so far as to weave in the ends, but still, it is a failure for one reason or another. Mainly, my reasons have been gauge (no I didn't do a swatch.. so yeah, failures). :).

 My knitting group says I'm advanced, but I still make some major mistakes so let's start with my most recent (and painful) and work our way back.

Most of these failures were user failures (me) not the designer.

1) New Year Mystery Shawl 2016 aka Mandala III

   Looks so pretty, right? Well, this wonderful pi shawl has been going along swimmingly. But at clue 4 I started to worry about the size.. It seemed a little small. Though the shawl would expand upon blocking, I decided to do a little double-checking. I'm using size 3 needles. Guess what size I should have been using with the lace yarn?

Size 5.

*insert swearing here*

It is still sitting in a beautiful yarn bowl next to my chair, waiting for me to frog it. What happens with it from there, who knows.

2) St. Brigid

   Cables are perfect, I finished the neckline (that is not pictured here), wove in the ends.. And discovered that it is really huge on me. I mean REALLY TENT-LIKE. No, I am not going to give it away, I made this for me. I'm going to take it apart.

  Again, I did not do a gauge swatch. I obviously used the wrong needle and this time I know why. I'm a 48" chest. This is awkward with this pattern because it only goes up to 40-42. Well, I guess I should have stuck to a size 6 needle, I know I will next time because I will be taking this apart and reknitting it all over again. I will get this sweater right!! I love it! :)

Maybe it will be faster next time..

3) Augusta Cardigan

  I finished this back in 2013, started in 2010. So warm in a lovely alpaca mix.. But I screwed up the cables at the front. But no fear! I have no plans to unravel this (though I have worn it so much as a layer in the winter it is fraying at the wrists). There is too much pride that goes into the first finished sweater.. At least I made the same mistake all the way across..

  It is a design element, honestly. Well, no, it looks like crap, that is way it is an under-layer. :)

So 2/3 (not counting the long-ago hat/bag that I have no pictures of and honestly do not know what happened to it) are gauge problems. This is a pattern, and I'll tell you why.

This blogger was a crocheter first. I crocheted afghans and it is easy to fudge afghans. You just want them a certain length and width at least, and not to run out of yarn. So as a knitter, I tend to be lazy. I know that I knit loose, so if I go down a size I should be good. Well, maybe it's time to swatch more. I know I will swatch for the St. Brigid sweater.

How not to make my mistakes?

1) Swatch and really know if you are a tight or loose knitter (no other way to avoid some mistakes)
2) Fudging is only allowed for certain items (for me it is shawls lol)
3) The cable thing is a beginner issue with cables and is avoidable if you learn to read your knitting as well as we read the latest Outlander book by Diana Gabaldon!

Have a great day!